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  • Avatar for AplusR96
    Their best. Fucking love it!
  • Avatar for mattmacneil
    This album is so god damn good. The vocal harmonies totally make this album. The chorus of Waggy and the verses of Emo, for example. So good.
  • Avatar for patinthehat
    The best blink-182 release during the Scott Raynor years, by far...
  • Avatar for tnnja
    I STILL love dude ranch! :D
  • Avatar for tim_9
    v exactly
  • Avatar for Metallimaster
    This > Cheshire cat = Buddha > Enema > Toypaj > Self-titled > nieghbourhoods
  • Avatar for deadcore1
  • Avatar for FailToTheThief
    This > TOYPAJ > Enema > Self-titled > Cheshire Cat > Neighborhoods. Doesn't mean I think Neighborhoods is bad by the way, its just my least favourite of them all - i've yet to find a blink song that I don't like.
  • Avatar for Metallimaster
    Best album. Fucking sick as fuck.
  • Avatar for hstisgod
    Is this the best Blink 182 album?
  • Avatar for TheCreatedVoid1
    Uh, any blink-182 is still real blink. Neighborhoods was written, recorded and produced by blink, therefore it is real blink. And it's a mutherfuckin' good album.
  • Avatar for JackJones17
    this is real blink-182....not that pop/alternative crap from neighborhoods!
  • Avatar for ckunke002
    Scott raynor > Travis any day
  • Avatar for MattAurand
  • Avatar for Metallimaster
    Their best. Scott raynor > Travis any day
  • Avatar for handressalp
    best album ever. [3]
  • Avatar for Phonophobe
    jeez the old drummer sucks
  • Avatar for ReisX
    I'll always love this album... best record along with Enema.
  • Avatar for TinmanHavoc
    I do think this was a major step for Blink and i just love the raw but yet pro approach taken by the band. Shame Scott never really picked up the sticks in the same way and did other projects instead of little garage bands.
  • Avatar for Metallimaster
    <3 it
  • Avatar for Txino_75
    El mejor, también apoyo la opinión.
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    2nd only to Enema of The State.
  • Avatar for mybloodydreams
    maybe my favorite of them... but sure it's the most nostalgic <3
  • Avatar for jellevisser1994
    Their best together with Cheshire Cat
  • Avatar for ackerjawaka
    by far the best blink album to date
  • Avatar for raskiws
    i've added the wiki for this album
  • Avatar for donutdan
  • Avatar for cheesycheese01
    The only album I own on vinyl.
  • Avatar for starvingrobot
    last good album by them
  • Avatar for Ingenuity
    best album ever. [2]
  • Avatar for DylEn39
    i just bought this today it's great
  • Avatar for roemilca111
    is the album art a parody of Pink Floyd's album cover?
  • Avatar for HK91
    It was my first album. Dammit, Dick Lips, Josie, Emo, Lemmings... Incredible things, right?
  • Avatar for lucasvaloni
    scott raynor :D
  • Avatar for victorragingred
    I still love this!
  • Avatar for teamsquid
  • Avatar for Metallimaster
    There Only Record I Can Listen To.
  • Avatar for matkomodric
    classic blink
  • Avatar for hornbuckle
    Indeed, their finest moment (just skip all the dumb skits).
  • Avatar for TinmanHavoc
    the best blink album by far
  • Avatar for Cawnur
    the best blink album, if you disagree you are wrong.
  • Avatar for VelvetWaltz66
    I love love love this album & I always will.. reminds me of my youth
  • Avatar for TinmanHavoc
    The best Blink album by miles.
  • Avatar for Klauditz
    My favourite :D <3
  • Avatar for x_stonehenge
    the best album ever!
  • Avatar for Dahminator
    After all these years, still my favorite album ever.
  • Avatar for hoseayway
    the only blink album that i like. you can really here the hardcore influence.
  • Avatar for Sexcakesss
    it's alright.
  • Avatar for WhitexRed
    i love every single song on this album it's probably my favorite blink album
  • Avatar for td182
    The best album in the land


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