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  • I love Punk or should we call this pop/punk? However this is the most addictive genre, im not joking.
  • blinks songs are very addictive.
  • @-Trail- 3/10 try again
  • i miss you ♥ [2]
  • This band make sense, i wish they could do more albums now. ;(
  • This is like, one of the best bands ever.
  • Так и не услышал их вживую. Как жаль.
  • I did a new vocal cover.... please give me feedback.
  • hey guys, check us out on facebook? We're a new pop punk band from the uk here to have a great fucking time live! … Shell Shock for the Nightlife
  • i miss you ♥
  • Influência pra 90% das bandas que eu gosto mas não consigo gostar. Ouvi o Enema Of the State e achei super cansativo.
  • Dude Ranch >
  • Big Fan Here
  • Hey look,they actually sound good
  • Feeling This ♥ hino da geração
  • Im going deeper in Blink 182.
  • Bite my lip and close my eyes, take me away to paradise.
  • adams song ♥
  • Eu te odeio, Tom. Do fundo do meu coração, gordo filho duma puta, eu espero que você flope até a morte e que o blink volte com tudo pra você se morder de inveja, desgraçado.
  • последний альбом дико доставляет
  • I honestly like this band. I need to scrobble them more! Them and [artist]New Found Glory[/artist] are great rock artists.
  • Am I the only one who's tired of Mark and Travis's "OH WE DO THIS WITHOUT YOU TOM LLOLOLOLOLOLOLO" attitude? I may be the only one who sees it (mainly due to the fanbase on tumblr and reddit being nothing but assholes about Tom being the "ONLY ONE" at fault for what happened)..
  • Always ♥
  • Feeling This <3
  • <3
  • fantastic show!
  • The new promo picture looks good, but I hope Tom will come back
  • new promo pic with matt skiba!
  • tom vc é um idiota, gordo desgraçado
  • New World is fantastic! <3
  • Having someone else sing Tom's vocals is just wrong, so wrong. I really hope they sort their problems out and just get back to making music.
  • Начинал с музыки типа Bauhaus, Tom Waits и по этому когда открыл для себя blink-182 аж помолодел. Интересно когда сблизить таки группы, какая благодать бы напала.
  • you could leave now and beat traffic... or you could stick around and beat your meat...
  • Любимые
  • I had an affair with Tom Delonge. I am deeply ashamed.
  • Hello from JAPAN
  • V I can understand that, I really do. I don't know, it just won't feel the same. I will respect Mark and Travis's choice if Matt is chosen to be Tom's replacement though.
  • anarchy: it would be unfair breaking up because tom doesn't want to be there. this band isnt about 1 person... + mark and travis wants to keep playing blink songs and I totally understand that... tom screwed up 10 years ago and now he is doing the shit all over again... but this time mark and travis will fight back and I hope they will win and can continue.
  • Regardless of what everyone keeps saying: It just won't feel the same with blink if Tom is replaced (Matt did NOT replace Tom, he is only the replacement for the festival blink's gonna be at). You can tell me "bands change and such", and I accept it. But with blink, there was chemistry and such a huge friendship with Tom and Mark (and an extent with Travis), and to see it all fall down AGAIN, it's just heartbreaking. Even if Matt replaces Tom, it just...doesn't feel the same.
  • Travis Barker divulga foto de ensaio do Blink-182 com Matt Skiba no lugar de Tom DeLonge! Saiba mais no link:
  • @el_salvador7: i know that, but it would be a cool thing if they made him part of the band.
  • Matt Skiba for now will only be a one-time replacement for Tom. He's not part of the band (yet).
  • new blink-182 should have matt skiba added to their line-up. to the people stuck in the past: bands change. nothing stays the same.
  • Word. Tom and Mark (and Travis too, although technically...) are an indispensable part of blink, without any one of them it's not blink anymore. Do keep making music but under another name - +44 is the obvious answer.
  • AMEN to the post below mine.
  • it won't be blink-182 anymore without him. [2] honestly. if mark and travis are so set on protecting blink's legacy then they should just accept the fact that it's over. +44 and AvA are both fantastic bands in their own rights and i'd so much rather see two successful bands than one half-assed reflection of the past struggling to stay relevant without tom. pls break up for the kids.
  • Tom's a douche and blink-182 should just be left for dead, as it won't be blink-182 anymore without him. It will be something like The Smashing Pumpkins and Guns N' Roses. It will be them trying but not really being the same thing. Mark and Travis had a nice thing going with +44, so why don't they go for that instead?


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