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  • "Looking Down From The Edge" is so asdfjklñ love it, fucking great song.
  • Sign to bring back old :
  • everytime i listen to dead air it reminds me of millennia - crown the empire
  • new album is badass.
  • Best core band out there, I can see why so many people follow them. I'm so in love with these guys now.
  • 12/12/15 ~Brazil ♥
  • up in flames is good af
  • Up In Flames was the best song written this year
  • one love ^^
  • Hollow Bodies got me into them, it's their best album imo, like a 9/10 compared to most modern metalcore releases, TTLB and Awakening are both good but ~7-8/10. I doubt they'll be as good as they were with Hollow Bodies.
  • New album got me into this band...
  • You're not alone. It's alright, but Hollow Bodies was miles ahead of it. Probably my favorite BTF album.
  • Apparently I'm the only one who's disappointed with the new release. I only like one song off that album, which is Decayer (that track kicks butt tho). The rest is way too...well, soft for my taste. I was so looking forward to this album as a follow up to Hollow Bodies, which happens to be my favorite album of all time, but now...I'm not saying that the new one is a bad record, it's just that for me personally it's not even near that quality of HB.
  • Ficou do caralho, ta aprovado.
  • Sign to bring back old :
  • Ровный релиз
  • New album is amazing...There is creativity as always
  • new album is killer
  • Only His Last Walk was good.
  • Love the new record.
  • Agreed. The new album is such a killer! Great work!
  • The new album is really good, I think the songs have much more depth compared to Hollow Bodies. Also, Decayer has one of the most savage breakdowns this band has ever done.
  • Вроде нормальный альбом то
  • New album kicks ass.
  • I did a vocal cover for bottomfeeder - It would mean a lot if you could write something positive under the video. thanks for the people taking time watching it
  • a-m-a-z-i-n-g
  • good
  • New album is AMAZING! <3
  • Збс Альбом
  • Found their albums still in my computer after a long, LONG time and goddamn, Witness is still blissful as always. Can't say the same about Hollow Bodies that never grew that much on me...
  • I have too high hopes i guess :/ the 2 singles are good but nothing special :/
  • I need this new album now.
  • Walk On Water and Up In Flames where awesome, now I'm really looking forward for To Those Left Behind <3
  • The 2nd song teaser that was mentioned looks badass as fuck. Up in Flames is great too. Love the lyrics in this one. Really deep!

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