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aniDa, name originated from Anita, is an independent musician and flaneur of live shows in Hong Kong. Inspired by books, films and good music, she has been writing numerous little tunes which are often described as fresh, pleasant and sensational. Apart from making music through writing tunes, lyrics and singing, she also plays acoustic guitar and makes her own website (www.anida.hk).

aniDa is working in a sophisticated yet warm little cultural bookshop "Mackie Study". She has been known as "Shopkeeper A" there since 2004. She organised and curated various live shows, ranging from highly acclaimed vocalist from Tuva - Sainkho Namtchylak, the Japanese talented electronica musicians World's End Girlfriend and Piana, to 7-hour outdoor local indie showcase "Mack the LIVE SHOW!" and also little in-the-shop live gigs, providing good music to Hong Kong audiences.

In January 2005, she participated in a compilation album "Invisible Cities Journey" featuring other HK indie musicians including 嘉琳, inLove and The Marshmallow Kisses. In May, she went to Taipei's music festival "GrassFest" with her own handmade "Demo Vol.1" and performed for the Taiwan audience for the first time. In July, she produced an original musical "Our Cat Story" that took place in a cafeteria, and also wrote and performed music in the show. In August, she flew to Taipei again with her shiny Martin guitar and sang in the big Hohaiyan Rock Festival.

In July 2006, aniDa played for the musical "Table for Two", a theatre production by Trinity Theatre. Demo Vol.2 was made that time with her creation of music in the musical. In September, she traveled to Taiwan again, this time touring the whole land of the island, singing her own songs in various bookshops and live houses.

In February 2007, she co-produced the soundtrack of "Table for Two" with Edmund Leung. It's the first time she participated in the role of producer! She will work with Trinity Theatre continuously in the future, and is planning to do the Demo Vol.3 in very near future.

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