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  • Avatar for chewiiii
  • Avatar for Necro-sama
    I am still in love
  • Avatar for Necro-sama
    I am in love
  • Avatar for I0000days
    Brace yourself, summer is coming.
  • Avatar for MrFrooz
    New picture! With their recent string of live acts, one can only hope that we'll see a new EP or album soon.
  • Avatar for yume2kki
    Echo Park is perhaps one of my fav albums ever
  • Avatar for MrFrooz
    perfect perfect perfect
  • Avatar for felipebf
    This band is just awesome. Sad there is no release since 2008.
  • Avatar for TakeruKobayashi
    good ; )
  • Avatar for HedorianForever
    Why didn't I listen to this before now? <333333333333333333
  • Avatar for Ivana_Shirayuki
    the singer's voice sometimes really reminds me of Salyu (like in songs 潮騒 and グライダー). almost too much.
  • Avatar for SamuraiSx
    I soo love them ! ~
  • Avatar for yapooos
    グライダー ♥
  • Avatar for Akmol
    I'm top listener, hehe.:)
  • Avatar for Rapovezz
  • Avatar for nandianiki
    nico is so amazing. ^^b
  • Avatar for Voicedover
    Suzukake No Ki. So good
  • Avatar for let'savecplease
    love them.
  • Avatar for Zenki-FM
    8月のボサ (8 tsuki no bosa) ♥
  • Avatar for Zenki-FM
    smile agaaaaain, smile agaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiin~ (2)
  • Avatar for applecloud
    ♥ :D
  • Avatar for anggakrkic
    smile agaaaaain, smile agaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiin~
  • Avatar for Zenki-FM
    Very Nice
  • Avatar for kisetsuwa
    how do you feel?
  • Avatar for NLittleFish
    What are the chances of them releasing anything new? I've loved them for a long time now... have they broken up or something?
  • Avatar for quixoticquackle
    ear candy
  • Avatar for hendiplast
    nice music :)
  • Avatar for JonasRH
    I stopped liking indie pop several years ago. I still love this band to death.
  • Avatar for farizbjorn
    i love advantage lucy! :) [2]
  • Avatar for PeteChan
    Anyone have a studio version of Teacup Ride (If there is one)? Dying to get my hands on this song!!!!!
  • Avatar for applecloud
    i love advantage lucy! :)
  • Avatar for Farisattamimi
    aiko chan we miss your cute voice we need new album :o
  • Avatar for adoymartin
    cute cute unyu unyu
  • Avatar for bleephappybleep
    Why is this band so underrated?! [3]
  • Avatar for Broederchon
    advantage Lucy – グッバイ!
  • Avatar for r0botchild
    i've listened to them since 2003 and i never get sick of them wonder wonderful band :3
  • Avatar for GiveMeBackMySon
    cute shit
  • Avatar for bonggal
  • Avatar for Jameslicious
    advantage Lucyを聞くと、うれしい :)
  • Avatar for cicakgemuk
    sunday paasta.....
  • Avatar for PeteChan
    I love you , and always will. Cannot wait to see you live in Tokyo again. Aiko-San, we need another photo together :)
  • Avatar for tashiiii
    I could listen to this all day. OH WAIT I AM.
  • Avatar for Herr_Amn
    Beautiful indie pop.
  • Avatar for Shannonline
    I like what I hear on youtube but they are so hard to find any where! :S anyone?
  • Avatar for hy-chloe
    So sweet band !! <3
  • Avatar for endote
    Why is this band so underrated? [2]I just come here to say the same thing.
  • Avatar for crystalhaohao
    杏の季节 it;s a chinese version?
  • Avatar for crystalhaohao
    so pure^^ i like it^^
  • Avatar for Sneakglove
    Why is this band so underrated?
  • Avatar for PeteChan
    I totally agree to the below, I want to here a non-live version of Teacup Ride. That Song sounds soo good.


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