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aDuck is a solo project of Dwayne Goettel and was inspired by the early releases of Aphex Twin and other artists in the now exploding European/UK electronic scene. In 1993, Dwayne and Phil Western created Subconscious Records in order to release the Duck/Philth Split 12". There were only 200 copies of this vinyl made. On one side of the vinyl “This Side”, the Philth song “My Heart Is Being Touched By Christ” appears and has the vinyl etching “SUB AQUA”. On the other side of the vinyl “That Side” the Duck song “Power” appears and has the vinyl etching “HOW GOD YOU MAKE THAT LIKE SO GOOD”.

Three aDuck songs have been released, one of which appears renamed and in a different form:

1. Power (from Duck/Philth Split 12", later appears on Paradigm Shift)
2. Phenethylamine Backwash (from Coordinate 01 Compilation, this song later appears remixed as Quackerz on Wild Planet)
3. Burnout (from Paradigm Shift)

*It should be noted that Field is not an aDuck song.*

Dwayne was best known for his work in Skinny Puppy. He was born on a farm in Alberta, Canada on February 1, 1964. Dwayne began his music career in the band Psyche in 1982. He was then recruited to join the band Voice, which recorded Anno Di Voce in 1985. Dwayne was also a member of the band Water, a side project of his that opened for Skinny Puppy in 1985 in Edmonton, Canada. Shortly after that, Skinny Puppy began looking for someone to take Bill Leeb’s place. Impressed with Dwayne’s earlier performance, he was recruited in 1986 to join Skinny Puppy as a keyboardist and programmer. According to TGWOTR promotional material, “Goettel’s talent for sampling and soundscapes synergized with Key’s ominous electronics and percussion, and Ogre’s hard-hitting stream of consciousness lyricism, to form a truly unique paragon of industrial electronica”. Dwayne was the youngest member of Skinny Puppy and the only one to have any type of musical training. Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse was the first Skinny Puppy album that Dwayne worked on, though the bulk of Dig It and One Time One Place were already done.

While working on Skinny Puppy, Dwayne also worked on many side projects, including Hilt, The Tear Garden, Download, and Doubting Thomas among others. Dwayne appeared briefly in the movie The Doom Generation and also in the trailer for the unmade movie Chunk Blower. Dwayne remained a member of Skinny Puppy until their breakup in June of 1995 when Ogre left the band. His final record with Skinny Puppy, The Process, was released after his death. Dwayne was 31 when he died on August 23, 1995 of a heroin overdose.

Music Projects: Psyche, Voice, Water, Skinny Puppy, aDuck, Download, Doubting Thomas, The Tear Garden, Hilt, Lee Chubby King, Cyberaktif, and Lung Goblins.

Check out: http://www.myspace.com/dwaynegoettel & http://litany.prongs.org/index.php?topic=2984.0

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