• Обзор прослушанного №56 (апрель 2014)

    5 May 2014, 19:05 by Massenmord


    The Last Days of Jesus - Alien Road (2003) [Deathrock/ Post-Punk]
    Strobelight Records
    Выпуск альбома «Alien Road» словаков The Last Days Of Jesus пришёлся на пик возрождения дэтрока, спровоцированного бурной деятельностью лейбла Strobelight Records. Неудивительно, что на волне интереса к неистовому готик-року и мрачному панку и без того буйные ребята из The Last Days Of Jesus записали свою самую рваную, нервную и экспрессивную пластинку.
    Сырые пост-панковые ударные, упругий бас, хриплые гитары, наигранно-зловещие клавишные и вокал с сильным славянским акцентом создают общую атмосферу сумасшедшего цирка. Следуя традициям бэткейва, в песнях The Last Days Of Jesus, несмотря на несомненную «готичность», нет ни тоски, ни душевных терзаний. Это очень позитивная, пусть и с весьма специфическим юмором, музыка…
  • Alphabetical Music - A-ha

    24 Jan 2014, 17:53 by joiedevivre06

    I have a large iTunes library. Not as large as the 9000+ songs I used to have, but it contains a lot of songs nonetheless. 7,636 to be exact, though subject to change as I take away voice memos from my library. (When I write songs, I record demo versions on my phone and they get imported into my library when I sync my phone, so I have a lot of those in my iTunes library.) Even after I burn those to a CD and delete them, I will have over 7,500 songs.

    Because I have so much music, I have decided to do something different this year as far as my listening habits go. I have so much music that does not get played a lot, so starting today, for the next three weeks (because according to my iTunes library, it would take a little over 21 days to play everything in my library), I am going to be listening to everything in my library alphabetically by band/artist. It is certainly an ambitious prospect, but this way everything will get listened to and I will even discover new old favorites!

  • a-ha: Their 20 best

    10 Apr 2012, 20:24 by borntohang

    It's either a-ha or Kent that can rightfully claim to be the best band (not fronted by the Godlike genius Joakim Thåström)to ever come out of Scandinavia. But while Kent is generally considered to be a great band, a-ha has always been forced to fight against being misunderstood as some one-hit-wonder from the plastic 1980's. Nothing could ever be more wrong.
    They made fantastically crafted pop songs, heartwrenching ballads and atmospheric, melancholy crossings inbetween. And more often than not; the lyrics were profound and clever. And that voice... Morten Harket's too-good-for-words voice, hitting every note spot on, both live and in the studio.

    Here are their 20 best. 20 pop songs that deserve a better fate than they will ever get.

    1. Stay On These Roads (1988)
    - The best melancholy and atmospheric pop ballad not written by Robert Smith. Ever. A song that tears me apart. Every time I hear it.

    2. The Sun Always Shines On T.V. (1985)
  • Farewell to a-ha from Brussels

    12 Oct 2010, 07:54 by stefkeB

    Mon 11 Oct – a-ha, Jimmy Gnecco

    My first and final a-ha show... While I have been a fan since their first album and kept listening to all their new work, I never had the chance to see them perform live. So I read a few reviews from past gigs and was slightly worried that it might disappoint. But it didn't. It was splendid, marvelous, joyful.

    Morten Harket might have become 25 years older than he was on Hunting High and Low, but he was as good looking as ever and sang as clean as if he was still 18 or so.

    The opening act was Jimmy Gnecco who is not well known in Belgium. The girl standing next to me (who was probably not even born when Take on Me was released) was confused and thought she did not recognize a-ha anymore (really!). It could not help but feel that they did not had a chance for a proper sound check. At least, something was really rumbling in the low end and his voice, which is also quite clean and high, was not always strong enough to break through the rest of the sound. …
  • Ending On A High Note - Farewell to Amsterdam

    11 Oct 2010, 10:30 by Rissan

    Sun 10 Oct – A-ha: Ending on a High Note - Farewell Tour 2010

    The support Jimmy Gnecco, and his band Ours which helped him to perform his first released solo material, had just flown in the other day, maybe in the same plane as the one where Solomon Burke died in just before landing. They were given a change to start up the crowd with a performance of fourty minutes. As said they played material from Jimmy's first solo album The Heart, which sounded very promising for a first listen.

    At nine o'clock the lights went out and a classical intro was played, after that a keyboard tune followed with Morten singing short phrases over it as if he was practising his voice. Then the band came on and opened with The Sun Always Shines On T.V. It took them three songs, in which Morten Harket wore his sunglasses, to get into the mood. With Scoundrel Days his voice was warm and the band relaxed as if to say the professional photographers are gone it is time to start the party. …
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