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  1. Image for 'externalizing the nausea'

    externalizing the nausea

    1,143 listeners

    36 tracks

  2. Image for 'abstract'


    582 listeners

    13 tracks

  3. Image for 'the lead content of laundry'

    the lead content of laundry

    555 listeners

    20 tracks

  4. Image for 'the mutha fuckin' hotmix'

    the mutha fuckin' hotmix

    542 listeners

    17 tracks

  5. Image for 'jupiter lick'

    jupiter lick

    513 listeners

    27 tracks

  6. Image for 'Yes, Jesus Loves Meat'

    Yes, Jesus Loves Meat

    497 listeners

    22 tracks

  7. Image for 'dolphin safe handlebars'

    dolphin safe handlebars

    469 listeners

    26 tracks

  8. Image for 'recommended body parts'

    recommended body parts

    448 listeners

    20 tracks

  9. Image for 'pull the string'

    pull the string

    436 listeners

    16 tracks

  10. Image for 'I dressed up as Alex Jones, and was arrested for smelling like poo'

    I dressed up as Alex Jones, and was arrested for smelling like poo

    423 listeners

    21 tracks

  11. Image for 'Potemkin yawned hairspray  I quit cellophane'

    Potemkin yawned hairspray I quit cellophane

    400 listeners

    13 tracks

  12. Image for 'minimal'


    327 listeners

    21 tracks

  13. Image for 'playing favorites'

    playing favorites

    319 listeners

    24 tracks

  14. Image for 'she loves my cock'

    she loves my cock

    311 listeners

    20 tracks

  15. Image for 'generalized anxiety pre-order'

    generalized anxiety pre-order

    299 listeners

    32 tracks


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