• Live Music

    13 Jan 2010, 01:02 by UrBeautifulName

    I posted a list of bands i had seen a few years ago and this is my updated count. :)
    This list started counting from the summer of 05 through 2009.
    "|" represents each addictional time I have seen this particular band.
    (I have cut out some local bands)

    Bands seen live:
    a dream too late
    Aaron Shust
    Above The Golden State - |
    After Edmund - |
    The Afters - ||
    Amy Grant - |
    Article One
    Audio A
    Ayiesha Woods - ||
    B. Reith
    BarlowGirl - |
    Bethany Dillon - ||
    Bradley Hathaway
    Building 429 - |
    Casting Crowns - |
    Children 18:3 - |||
    Chris Sligh
    Chris Tomlin - |
    The Classic Crime
    Cool Hand Luke
    David Crowder - ||
    Disciple - ||
    Edison Glass
    eleventyseven - |
    Everyday Sunday
    Falling Up - |
    Family Force 5 - |||
    Fireflight - ||
    The Fold - |
    Future of Forestry
    The Glorious Unseen - |
    Group 1 Crew
    Hawk Nelson - ||
    High Flight Society
    House of Heroes
    Hyper Static Union
  • Time for some lyrics

    4 Oct 2008, 01:38 by coolkdog911

    Step 1: Put your iPod on random.
    Step 2: Post the first line from the first 50 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
    Step 3: Let everyone guess what song and artist the lines come from.
    Step 4: Bold the songs when someone guesses correctly.
    Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

    1. Last day of the rest of my life. "Youth of the Nation"- Pod
    2. I'm sorry for what I said about you.
    3. Every night is a saturday night, and it makes me sick.
    4. Are there no shadows where you are, I can see everything as day.
    5. You're in for some trouble, she's got a body, and you've got the answers to all of her problems.
    6. I've been waiting for an invitation, a beautiful creation.
    7. Why at 15 you want someone to call your own, sweet 16 you couldn't see straight.
    8. You never think about anybody but yourself, I was wanting more from you.
    9. We broke down the walls one brick at a time.
    10. I remember standing on the corner at midnight, trying to get my courage up.
  • KFLA Update: Sacred Cowboys, Mike Herrera, Blue Cheer and more!

    11 Dec 2007, 20:53 by TheKnitLA

    Saturday, December 22nd
    Sacred Cowboys
    7:30 PM, $10 advance, $12 day of show
    Take a shot of Hank Williams and a shot of AC DC, shake it up and serve it over the rocks– there lies the musical recipe for Sacred Cowboys. Country, bluegrass , gospel, blues -- the origin or influence of a tune doesn’t matter to Sacred Cowboys, as long it is played with passion and loud guitars. The first seed of the band was planted in 2001 when Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker, Peter Spirer, hired actor W. Earl Brown for a role in his first dramatic feature. What began as trading songs and guitar licks on a Florida film set, soon graduated to jam sessions at their respective homes in Los Angeles , and evolved into a four piece version of the Cowboys that included Jeff Robertson and Stephen Quadros. In 2005, Mike Johnstone booked an acting gig on HBO’s Deadwood series where he met Earl (who played Dan Dority) on the show. Having played with everyone from Duane Allman to Charley Pride to the Riders of the Purple Sage…
  • Live at the Quarry - again

    26 Oct 2007, 22:11 by DrSturm

    Thu 25 Oct – Run Kid Run, The Send, A Dream Too Late, SoSaveMe, Only A Hero

    Okay. I kind of helped with this event. Kind of. I volunteered for the committee that organizes and plans the Quarry events, and I got to advertise and clean up and hang out with the bands - more on that later.
    The first band up was Only A Hero, who changed their name a few days ago to For All Those Sleeping or something similar, and they played (if I recall correctly) three songs. Musically they were rather dull (though, particularly from what I saw pre-show, very talented instrumentally). Performance-wise, however, they were quite entertaining. I have to wonder how four guys running around on stage jumping all over the place, bending to the waist with each beat managed to not collide on such a tiny stage, particularly one with a hole in the middle of it.
    Then came Sosaveme, and they were pretty good. I bought the little EP they had on sale, and it's pretty enjoyable, though definitely better live. …
  • new cds and bands i think you should know

    14 Jul 2006, 06:17 by open4once

    I just bought Brandtson's cd Hello, Control, Gym Class Heroes' cd The Papercut Chronicles, and the new Dashboard Confessional cd Dusk and Summer. I am just now getting around to Dashboard and it's pretty good I suppose. I listened to GCH on the way and back from work today and I love that cd...amazing. I love their style...it's sweet...I can't wait for their new cd...def. picking it up. Brandtson is pretty cool and it's a fun cd...I want to make a band like them and The Rocket Summer...I think that would be a cool band to be in...haha.

    But hmm...what bands do I think you should know. My new favorite band is Distress Case. They are a local band in Columbia, SC...check out their myspace. They have the makings to be big if they want to I think. Um...a dream too late from Oregon...they are a local band there but they are going to be putting out a cd sometime later this year maybe. Again...myspace all these bands. Keeping with Oregon I'll say Steps to Lydia even though they broke…