• Wish List for the New Decade

    28 Jan 2010, 05:30 by OneDrunkWalking

    Here is a bunch of albums that I desire at the time of this writing:

    Incapacitants - As Loud as Possible, or 73

    KK Null - Mondo Paradoxa, or Extropy

    Bob Log III - School Bus

    Iron Butterfly - Sun and Steel/Scorching Beauty

    Cardiacs - Anything would be great!!!

    Strawbs - Grave New World

    You Fantastic! - Homesickness

    Sun Ra - Atlantis

    Zoogz Rift - Idiots on the Miniature Golf Course

    I will trade for these - perhaps even 2 of mine for one of these - but not for any of the ones on my "top ten" list in the About Me section.... Just look at what I got in my library for examples of what I have to barter w/ you.

    I will also exchange small green pieces of paper or their electronic equivalent if thats better for ya.

    Oh yeah - I prefer Cds but vinyl would be okay as well, and I realize that many of these are rare and/or "oop", so just try to connect w/ me before the world blows up I guess (see title)