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A free collection of pop gems!

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1. "Slowmotion Snowglobes" (Winterglow Version) is from Slowmotion Snowglobes EP (2010)
2. "I Hope" is from 'Palace Of The Super Gay Rainbow' (2010)
3. "Dear Orion Don't Run Astray Now" is from 'Greenland' (2010)
4. "Everyday Objects Are Vampires" is from 'Palace Of The Super Gay Rainbow' (2010)
5. "Satellite Organ Bleedthrough" is from 'Greenland' (2010)
6. "Social Anxiety Mysticism" is from 'Social Anxiety Mysticism' (2010)
7. "Nemesis Closes The Holocene" is from 'Greenland' (2010)
8. "Solid Liquid Gas" is from a bunch of They Might Be Giants tributes that never happened.
9. "The Words Are Alright"is from 'Palace Of The Super Gay Rainbow' (2010)
10. "1967 Go Go Dancer Realizes She's Dead" is from 'Greenland' (2010)
11. "Love Is The Weight Of The World" is from 'Greenland' (2010)
12. "Accidentally Watching A Light" is from 'Social Anxiety Mysticism' (2010)

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