• Damone

    14 May 2006, 01:43 by mer-made

    I've just bought "Out Here All Night" by Damone, featuring a single by the same name that's been playing on FNX. I don't know if it's really getting any national play yet (apparently FNX plays local stuff that doesn't necessarily make it every where - i.e. Dear Leader, dresden dolls). Apparently the title track was a free iTunes track a couple weeks ago, so I'd bet it's getting around.

    I played it for Der and her first impression was the same as mine - they sound strikingly like Zola Turn, a local band to Burlington that got radio play in about '99 here on the Buzz. I'll have to send the album to Catherine.

    I'm not much good at reviewing music, but I'll give it a go here. It's good solid rock, fast-paced with a chick lead - a chick who sounds like she must play the guitar as well (and she does). I can't say this is necessarily the most original stuff I've ever heard. As I mentioned, it sounds like whatever Zola Turn's next album would have sounded like. I like it though.