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1. All together now, who wants to be a Zillionaire? I do.

But they got there first. They being Stephan Tomasek (vocals, guitar), Anthony Hall (guitar), Mark Meharry (bass) and Lee Moulds (drums), the first three hailing from different points on the North island coastline of New Zealand and their British anchor hailing from New Essex (OK, Stansted Moutfitchet).

Its the perfect psycho-geographic combination; Zillionaire sound both exquisitely chilled and streaked with a lonesome melancholy (as anyone who recognises the nature of definitive music of Kiwi origin will appreciate) but theres urban tension and tenacity in their soul. This is delicate, intricate songsmithery but with a swarthy, slowburning gait.

Their debut album Comfort In The Machine infuses both dynamics and speaks of experiences both arduous and joyful. It involves shifting life and soul to the other side of the world; over-fragile Spanish bass players; recording in tiny London bedrooms and famous plush Welsh studios.. All the usual trials and tribulations, then. But the result is an unusually sublime collection of songs.

Martin Aston - The Times

2. Zillionaire is also the name of a band on the New Granada Label in Tampa, Florida. Not ashamed to admit their influences, Zillionaire's sound harkens back to the day when indie-rock was at it's peak, when bands like Versus, Polvo, Superchunk and Bedhead were in full swing.

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