• Top 15 Most Played Songs Meme

    15 Mar 2009, 06:09 by naturellebella

    Artist: Zero 7
    Track: In the Waiting Line
    Favorite lyric of the song: wasting my time in the waiting line, do you believe in what you see?
    What color does this song remind you of?: Erm, Dark Pink w/ hints of purple.
    Who does this song remind you of?: It reminds me of the show Roswell b\c the first song that I heard from Zero 7 was on that show.
    Name a random memory with the song: I don't think I have one.
    Have you ever seen this band live? Did they sound the same?: N\A

    Artist: Vanessa Hudgens
    Track: Lose Your Love
    If I should lose your love boy
    Shame on me
    I was just too stubborn
    Too blind to see
    That I would lose your love, boy
    Just tell me how to get you back
    Cause I could never lose your love
    Don't wanna lose your love

    Have you ever danced to the song?: Probably not.
    Who would you dedicate this to?: No one.
    Was this song in a movie? If so, what one?: Nope!

    #2 (There's a tie for 2nd.)
    Artist: Miley Cyrus
    Track: Fly on the Wall
  • Questions about Top 25

    2 Jun 2008, 23:18 by naturellebella

    What was the first song you ever heard by 6?

    What is your favourite album by 2?

    What is your favourite lyric that 1 has sung?
    Britney Spears, hmm I DON'T KNOW! She has so many good lyrics.

    How many times have you seen 11 live?

    What is your favourite song by 7?
    That's a crazy thing to ask for me with Christina Aguilera. Hmm, Somebody's SomebodyOn Our WayWithout You.

    What is a good memory you have involving 20?
    Spice Girls
    OMGOD MY YOUTH!! Spice Girls gums and lollipops trying to collect the stickers.

    Is there a song by 3 that makes you sad?
    Ivymakes tons of songs that make me sad like Quick, Painless And EasyWhile We're in LoveDisappointedetc.

    What is your favourite song by 19?
    MetricGrow Up and Blow Away

    How did you get into 22?
    It was the time of the boy bands when I got into *NSYNC. and at the time I thought BSB was better but then I got over that.

    What was the first song you heard by 21?
    Jesse McCartney; probably Good Life

    What is your favourite song by 4?
  • top 10 most played artists meme

    8 Nov 2007, 06:44 by naturellebella

    First, Name your top 10 most played artists on

    1 Britney Spears

    2 Hilary Duff

    3 Zero 7

    4 Ivy

    5 Lindsay Lohan

    6 Jem

    7 Christina Aguilera

    8 Kelly Clarkson

    9 Mariah Carey

    10 John Mayer

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    Probably 24 since I had her CD in the wrong playing order

    What is your favourite album of 2?
    Def. Dignity! It's been Hilary's best album yet. I love her new sounds and I've listened to all the songs plenty of times.

    What is your favourite lyric that 5 has sung?
    "and i'm only not lonely when i'm lonely by myself" - Disconnected

    How many times have you seen 4 live?
    Never =/

    What is your favourite song by 7?
    Erm, probably Somebody's Somebody and Without You

    Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?
    Geez, there's so many Zero 7 songs that make me sad. The two that would be the best at that are In the Waiting Line and Passing By.

    What is your favourite lyric that 2 has sung?
  • Lyrics game #whatever

    15 Oct 2006, 14:40 by Saphira20

    Well here you go, totally unnecessary but fun:

    -Put your iTunes on shuffle, write down the first lines of the songs that come up and let people guess-
    Don't cheat please.

    1 Ahahah, I could tell you about politics
    Can you trust me
    2 One two three four
    So what's the deal, are you a prankster?
    Fred and George
    3 I woke up today, a song was swimming in my head
    4 Oh, well imagine, as I'm pacing the pews in a church corridor
    I Write Sins Not Tragedies
    5 yes indeed, I'm talkin', 'bout you and me
    6 Now turn it up, a little louder 4x
    7 I had a dream, I stood beneath an
    Orange Sky
    8 I feel it in my fingers,
    I feel it in my toes
    Love Is All Around
    9 I was crying, over you,
    I am smiling, I think of you
    10 I think I'm breaking out, I'm gonna leave you now
    Way Away
    11 Hearts gone astray, deep in her when they go
    Everlasting Love
    12 Listen up... To my days, change my ways..
    13 I don't think you love me, confusion settling in]
    Passing By
    14 These ideas are nightmares for white parents
  • guess the lyrics survey

    3 Aug 2006, 13:35 by selwyn

    See how bored I am? Yeah. Go on, you know the drill.

    Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
    Step 2: Post the first line from the first 25 songs that play, not matter how embarrassing.
    Step 3: Bold out the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly.
    Step 4: Looking them upon Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

    1. Don't wanna be second best, don't wanna stand in line, don't wanna fall behind.
    Miniature Disasters

    2. Oh, my love, oh, my love, i can't hear you, my love, tell me where have you gone?
    Taste You-

    3. When we turn, turn to what we've done before, the time moves on.
    Left Handed

    4. I opened my eyes while you were kissing me once, more than once.
    Parting Gifts

    5. It's not hard to see, anyone who looks at me knows I'm just a rolling stone, never landed any place to call my own.
    A Place Called Home

    6. Lying on the floor, four stories high, in the corridor between the asphalt and the sky.
    Work Your Way Out

    7. I don't think you love me, confusion settling in.
  • one union square

    20 Feb 2006, 01:27 by burninglitter

    while employed at starbucks in the one union square location, usually around 530 or 6 oclock in the morning this song would come on and it would provide some reasoning to why we cared for the customers. just a memory.
  • Zero7 - Passing By

    19 Jan 2006, 16:04 by alwaysfine

    When It Falls
    Passing By

    글을 쓸 때 에디터 상에서 트랙 이름이나 앨범 이름 artist이름으로 핑을 보내는 것 같은데 그러니까 링크가 만들어집니다. 앨범을 클릭하면 미리 듣기 사이트에 갈 수 있고요.

    테스트 글입니다.
  • Nice

    8 Jan 2006, 22:02 by ronnyma

    For sleeping, this is nearly a TQL
  • Music taste in reverse alphabetical order! (Z)

    4 Dec 2005, 20:47 by DiscoStud

    Okay, so after a fairly long post about my top 10 I thought I would investigate my top 50, but that is a big undertaking, so I thought I would keep alphabetical so that I don't bite off more than I can chew.

    First up we look for Z and boom we got a winner!

    Zero 7

    Okay so I admit, that my interest in Zero 7 started up again thanks to Garden State, but I had listened to them before, I swear :D Back when I bought those chillout CDs and similar mixes that would be on sale at the record shop. But I would never really focus on Zero 7 back then, just listen to the track on the mix. I did like it though. I am not sure what tracks were on the Chillout mixes, because I left those CDs in Nova Scotia... which is not here :D

    However the fact that Zero 7 is in my top 50 is almost entirely because of In the Waiting Line. I have listened to other songs a bunch, but this track is in my sleeping/relaxing mix, which is played a lot.

    Besides that I also like, Passing By and Home.