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  • Avatar for jacobsteruk
    Hangover cure!
  • Avatar for MIURAsiix7
    ahhhhhhhhhh [2]
  • Avatar for NEFTUNE
    ...No Hay Palabras...No Hay (There are NO WORDS 2 describe Zero 7 sounds)...a true compliment...indeed
  • Avatar for AnnaMelyhova
  • Avatar for tomnightingale
    I think this is the most beautiful song I know
  • Avatar for DIMALEGNO
  • Avatar for Ezekiel22
  • Avatar for EasilyOdd
    What a timeless wonder. Just wonderful.
  • Avatar for algenon50
  • Avatar for old1young1
    honey soft smoooth...
  • Avatar for drambuekid
  • Avatar for Naberacka
    "I'm watching porn in my hotel dressing gown" .. well these lyrics were not expected in a song like this one :)
  • Avatar for bistec54
    muy bueno
  • Avatar for cinnamondearie
  • Avatar for icaro9696
    I agree
  • Avatar for navigatornick
    AAH, every time :-)
  • Avatar for geebop
    SEX [5]
  • Avatar for reno812
    sex [4]
  • Avatar for slimeandoxygen
    sex. [3]
  • Avatar for elianelfe
    I love this song.
  • Avatar for Adenviel
    sex. [2]
  • Avatar for demarco2000
    Would like to go to one of there live shows. Nice group
  • Avatar for aquamouth
    The music video for this song always inspires me.
  • Avatar for McSlamie
    Zero 7 makes me feel so relaxed and opens my mind to all their sounds-cool!
  • Avatar for Bytheasea
  • Avatar for BukaPoland
    love it.
  • Avatar for DoctaMario
    This track is so damn good! The vocals, the sounds, the little things you don't hear the first time that you hear on subsequent listens....
  • Avatar for TH3UKRIDDL3R
    I could listen to this song everyday and never get bored of it. Its got that feel good factor...quality chill-out tune IMO =D
  • Avatar for artealier
    Me either Dr. Sia is incredible!!
  • Avatar for doctordizzle
    I never get tired of hearing this track ♥
  • Avatar for criscrismab
  • Avatar for PsychoBrownie
    This song is so chill :) Great Riding or Driving Music for long trips.
  • Avatar for bruzzomont
    *** deluxe
  • Avatar for fool2010
  • Avatar for alameda_
    sia is amazing in this song.
  • Avatar for jacobfreakscene
    Blue Crush :)
  • Avatar for dutchndangerous
    love this one
  • Avatar for icaro9696
  • Avatar for naynay1129
    fell in love with this song after i heard it on blue crush
  • Avatar for oyveychris
    So, damn, good.
  • Avatar for igottrouble
    sweetest thing in music
  • Avatar for cebo77
    one of my favorites
  • Avatar for Mr-rabiD
    ♪♫♪♪ totally dope track ♪♫♪♪ big shout out to the Last fm crew from the boys at support the alternative arts and experimental music :):)
  • Avatar for jcamargo24
    Audio perfection.
  • Avatar for pogopatterson
    lush- no not as in staggering around drunk- sumptious.
  • Avatar for otter_
    Truly untouchable in perfection. Timeless thoughts.
  • Avatar for JamadianUK
    One of my all time favourite albums EVER. Classic from start to finish...
  • Avatar for pistolero730
    Goose bumps ..................................
  • Avatar for pjbird
    Lay back, wine in hand and float away
  • Avatar for that70smilkman


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