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    21 Jan 2006, 18:18 by Lamma27

    I was looking for a use for this blog so I will note down any music purchase.

    Simple Things
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    30 Dec 2005, 14:15 by fashnek

  • Purchases for week 44 of 2005.

    7 Nov 2005, 10:41 by joosen

    - Super Extra Gravity. Another good album from Cardigans. Overall feel of the album after couple of listenings is that it's soundwise a sort of a short step towards Gran Turismo after Long Gone Before Daylight album. I like that they have not trapped themselves to any specific 'sound', but focus on material instead. 'I need some fine wine and you, you need to be nicer' is the best title for a pop song that I have come a cross in a while...
    - The Understanding. Is it just me, or isn't Alpha Male a shameless Jarre or Vangelis rip off? (Or perhaps a 'tribute'?) Slightly more mainstram than the previus album, with surprisingly lot of 'euro dance' vocals and lot less of the ambience of Melody A.M. A slight disapointment, but a ok album none the less. I suspect that I probably end up adding few songs from it to couple of iTunes playlists rather that listening to the album it self.
    - Simple Things. For some reason I missed Zero 7 when they were sort of like hot couple of years ago. …