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A Last Time For Everything (5:13)

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  • That ending was achieved with a cassette tape, a razor blade, and scotch tape. The ending where it all blows out was a result of me explaining to Steve that there was an old record I had by this guy in the 1950s called Andre Popp. He was sort of a recording studio rebel and was WAY ahead of his time in regards to unorthodox recording techniques he was recording things backwards and at different speeds YEARS before the Beatles. On one of his albums he achieved a song fadeout by blowing the fuses on the mixing board with a heat lamp and the effect was unlike anything Ive ever heard to this day. So basically with a very basic trick, Steve recorded the sound of the tape machine shutting off while the song was playing back, and edited that sound on to the end achieve the similar effect that I described to him from this Andre Popp record. WHEW.
  • We knew we wanted it to distort but we didnt want a standard distortion effect. Steve suggested that overloading the input signal on a cassette deck would give a unique sound to the distortion because it was completely natural as opposed to a digital effect. After we had the desired amount of distortion we dumped all 15 versions of the ending back onto the master tape and steve edited them together at random intervals with a razorblade. The effective part of it is making the edits really wide so that it sounds like its fading in as opposed to being choppy. So.
  • Q: What did you guys do at the end of Last Time For Everything? How did you do that. A: Okay, we were gonna keep this one under our hats, but I get asked about it SO much (and its so fun) I guess Ill let the cat out of the bag. We recorded the song. Then, for the ending, we copied the ending onto a cassette (you know, a standard maxell 60 minute cassette). We repeated this process of copying from the master tape onto the cassette maybe 15 times, each time we did it, we jacked up the input on the cassette deck. Eventually it started getting to the point that we were overloading the signal causing a really odd distortion.
  • EPIC EPIC EPIC @ if they could do the distortion live: No. They way they did the distortion could not be duplicated live at all. Zao describes how they did the distortion here: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=8135785&blogId=148294005
  • The ending is definitely a homage to "Stones from the Sky" by Neurosis, so good.
  • interesting distortion
  • could they play this song live and do distortion?
  • One of the best final tracks on a CD I've ever heard. The disortion and the continual THE FEAR IS WHAT KEEPS US HERE is epic.

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