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Unruly and intricate prog, jazz/funk & whatnot through the prism of vintage game music, pushed to its limits. Motley industrial, IDM, metal flavours and an artful pop sensibility result in exotic übermusik appreciated by good cats the world over. Who called the 5-0.
If you ask nicely and show some dough Zan may even write a soundtrack for you.

2014: Mist Slug / Meep Veep on inpuj; VLAK ATAK (limited fanclub release).
2013: Dare To Not Release Music Year.
2012: Gone AWOL, Vol. 1, 2 & 3 anthologies; Meep Peep; Dawn Soundtrack (fanclub release*).
2011: Mokè Mokè on inpuj; Meep Jeep; Drop Outs, Vol. 1, 2 & 3 anthologies.
2010: N0De-Claw and Lune Rose (best of 2008-09) on Pause; Meep Meep & Meep Weep.
2009: Mole Soul EP and Fell Plot on II (Pause); Murk Maid EP on Razxca.
2008: Love ZZZV suite; companion mini-album Mysa Fyce on Glitch City.

Many of which are free!
(If any links bork just check Zan's [url=www.zan-zan-zawa-veia.bandcamp.com]Bandcamp instead)
*Still available free with the Gone AWOL set. Further fan-only albums unlocked with the Drop Outs set.


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