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Full Martyr Status Remixed

Full Martyr Status Remixed

The official net-label release of Zammuto's Full Martyr Status. Originally an outtake from his 2000 album Willscher, the track was released in 2001 by No Type along with remixes by Diablatomica, Atomes Lourds, Infoslut, Eucci, Camp, Philémon, 833-45, and Matrix Assimilation as well as the previously unreleased track Mark I.

The entire album is freely downloadable at http://www.notype.com/drones/cat.e/nt_049.

1. Full Martyr Status (revised diablatomic mix)
2. Full Atom Status
3. Fully Loaded Retro Kitten
4. Full Martyr Status
5. Ovrprcsd
6. Acoustique
7. Zammutation
8. Incident Wave
9. Mark I
10. Smarty Art Slut Flu

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