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  • Avatar for rtuner
    Best country band in the world :)
  • Avatar for GuiHoHoHo
    I love them!
  • Avatar for Altron2
    well thanks for the compliment but its true. toes and knee deep are like the exact same song.
  • Avatar for Nobodylikesyou
    Wrong, wrong and wrong. Altron2 would be great if it wasn't for his shout.
  • Avatar for Altron2
    boring, repetitive, and unoriginal. these guys would be awful if it wasnt for the radio
  • Avatar for NarghaashTC
    Conheçam meu blog:
  • Avatar for Ccjenksxc
    How do you listen to it
  • Avatar for bayo3345
    love this bands good!
  • Avatar for blaircramer
    @herbshine You don't have to prove anything to anyone, buddy.
  • Avatar for avi_k
    Zac Brown Band ROCKS!!!
  • Avatar for booboozoo50
    I too love the zac brown band.
  • Avatar for MemrySparrow
    i love the zac brown band. the lead singers voice is amazing. i could listen to it all day
  • Avatar for breakingyou
    i rlly cant choose my favorite im torn @.@
  • Avatar for cristiadu
    Colder Weather is amazing
  • Avatar for EvgenyOskin
    "Whatever it is" is the best =)
  • Avatar for juxticekillz
    Free >
  • Avatar for stotan88
    Colder Weather is my favourite country song to date. So beautiful.
  • Avatar for linz4811
    Can you get more music uploaded to THANKS!
  • Avatar for ThalesDelaia
    Please! Come to Brazil!
  • Avatar for goodgonered
    Come to IL!! I'm dying to see them live!
  • Avatar for kellynjohnnie
    I absolutley love this song! :) zack brown band is #1 I think they are so sincere and he sings perfectly! Rock on!
  • Avatar for wildtony40
    my mother like zac brown band.
  • Avatar for nikkiflav
    love this group
  • Avatar for Trouble2112
    I love these guys, too bad I'll never see them live :(
  • Avatar for Stb1990
    @lagofala ...may also check ur ears xD
  • Avatar for Z9Falcon
    Can't believe "Cold Hearted" is not on the list...
  • Avatar for lagofala
    Anyone else think they sound like a southern country version of barenaked ladies?
  • Avatar for negativeffect
    really like the song jah made us any suggestion for other songs like this by zac brown band or otherwise
  • Avatar for Wickman2011
    Join the newly created Zac Brown Band Fans group!!! It is the first Zac Brown Band group on lastfm which is surprising! They are the best band ever!
  • Avatar for shane_hansell
    one damn good band!
  • Avatar for Bardhlul
    CMA New Artist of the Year!
  • Avatar for LadyPatience
    I am totally addicted. Too bad I can't find his album for sale in the UK, though. :(
  • Avatar for Dinnyc
    All of you below - join the Zamily! Especially all of those not from the US. We need some more international members :D
  • Avatar for MmmmSarahBaby
    Love the music! Keep it up [: <3
  • Avatar for D_vonk
    Love the new album.
  • Avatar for JackBarnes
    wow new album is great
  • Avatar for tsudduth24
    Great new album.. best song is Who Knows.. Too bad it wont be on the radio.. Its 10 minutes long.. great song though
  • Avatar for Alan_Morton
    I love this band!
  • Avatar for strajnic
    That's what Country is all about!
  • Avatar for Cyopz
    They just keep getting better and better. Solid new album!
  • Avatar for LynxBlade
  • Avatar for wingkon
    Its nice to find a modern country band that isn't pop or "countrier-than-thou"
  • Avatar for cseverance3
    just got back from their concert these guys are even better live
  • Avatar for mrhandiscool
    LOVE the new track with you and Alan Jackson. Great combo and great song. I'm excited for the new album.
  • Avatar for onza1
    Send Zac Brown to Argentina!
  • Avatar for bwall317
    My heart won't tell my mind to tell my mouth what it should say = Genius
  • Avatar for intressepil
    Send Zac Brown to Europe! [2]
  • Avatar for Ayash
    Really love youuuuu <3
  • Avatar for jespermorck
    Send Zac Brown to Europe!
  • Avatar for HedwigsInTheBox
    How they are so little known and so massively underrated, I simply do not understand. I have never in my life been much keen on modern country music in general, but I honestly, entirely and wholeheartedly love this group. Great lyrics that hit the spot in every intended way and a killer vocal every time. Nothing but support in their direction.


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