• solipsistic NATION No. 64: Dub Beautiful Collective

    16 Nov 2007, 20:50 by solipsisticast

    Live electronic music. It almost seems like an oxymoron. How can electronic music be “live” when it consists of a series of sequenced drum programs and synthesizers. You could literally press play on your laptop and walk away from the stage.

    Musicians do play electronic music live and until fairly recently it’s been a dull affair. The usual live experience is to see a one or two dudes on stage leaning over their laptops looking as if they we’re earnestly answering an email. But that’s been changing. More and more artists are incorporating analogue gear into their repetoire. The hardware and software is increasing adapting itself to improvisation and it’s not uncommon to see tradition instruments playing alongside their digital brethren.

    I’m particularly enamored with live electronic music because I’ve been around long enough to see its development. From synthpop to hip hop to industrial to glitch, each year the experience becomes more and more organic and exciting.