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See 人生.

人生 (Jinsei, or ZIN-SÄY!) were a japanese independent rock/new wave band formed in 1985 by 石野卓球, they were signed to Nagomu Records.

石野卓球 (Takkyu Ishino): vocals, programming, keyboard
ピエール瀧 (Pierre Taki): vocals, doreamon, golgo 13
おばば (Obaba): guitar, bass, vocals
若王子耳夫 (Wakaouji mimio): bass, guitar, vocal
グリソン・キム (Gurison Kimu): keyboard, programming, vocal
越一人: drums
王選手: fire extinguisher, kidnaper, vocals

人生 disbanded in 1989, nowdays Ishino and Pierre are in 電気グルーヴ.

若王子耳夫 is in Cubismo Grafico.

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