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YVETTE (2009 - present) is an experimental noise rock band from Brooklyn, New York.

"YVETTE are the hard-edged, ultraviolent, spooktacular response to years of the fluttery squish of Animal Collective and HEALTH. Built on the barely legible guitars of Noah Kardos-Fein and the heavily effected drums of Bloomington transplant Rick Daniel, Yvette use the powers of distortion and flange for evil instead of good. Their debut 7" (hand screen-printed, limited to 350) is four songs that turn the noise-clatter of This Heat and the drummier brumble of mid-'00s Liars into a near-industrial churn. Side-B opener 'With Fangs' is a steely-eyed Neubaten pulse tweaked out into a squelchy blast of cheery Aa-styled abandon." - Christopher Weingarten, Village Voice "Sound of the City" 9/30/10

Yvette also seems to be the name of a bossa nova/salsa dance pop performer/singer.

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