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  • Avatar for spacematador
    Spaceship is so doooooooope
  • Avatar for wogmeat
    pour up the Henny I smoke til I'm dizzy
  • Avatar for jresent
    bow bow bow
  • Avatar for lordinfamous
    Dead Beat
  • Avatar for freakinoutguy
    mediocre bullshit
  • Avatar for Manul_Manul
    new album so fucking nice
  • Avatar for LyricalxER
    Pinky up, Sippin lean bitch I'm fancy
  • Avatar for Gawel_tell_eM
    Top listener here.
  • Avatar for mattdh12
    This For My Blazers is too hard. I know Yung Smokey just came out and all, but god damn.
  • Avatar for babbyDOTjpg
    yung simmie got da semi
  • Avatar for BloodOnLeaves
    STAV2 is pretty nice
  • Avatar for Dogflesh
    i got hittas out in paris
  • Avatar for phodie
    bum bum bum!
  • Avatar for mattdh12
    i get money when i'm bored
  • Avatar for ninetythreeTIL
    play pussy get fucked up
  • Avatar for twoecond
    @mightyscooop XXL Freshman of 1993 & Basement Musik 2
  • Avatar for mightyscooop
    any project worth listening to aside from SUAV2, i like this.
  • Avatar for dnbilita
  • Avatar for phodie
  • Avatar for blksh
  • Avatar for mastakushhoe
    i hitthe..
  • Avatar for GeneralHoden
    dj smokey + simmie is over the top
  • Avatar for mattdh12
    favorite artist out today maybe. shut up and vibe 2 I NEED IT NOW
  • Avatar for mattdh12
    lean with the sprite lean with the sprite lean with the sprite lean with the sprite
  • Avatar for Y4S3
  • Avatar for twoecond
  • Avatar for Dogflesh
    simmie pls stop producing [3]
  • Avatar for piter22240
    simmie pls stop producing [2]
  • Avatar for Robscire
    simmie pls stop producing
  • Avatar for Yeah_Brah
    I was never a huge raider klan fan but I kinda like his new tape. Some of the freestyles are annoying and should have been left out but other than that it's a fun tape.
  • Avatar for phodie
    Shut up and vibe hard as fuck
  • Avatar for Dogflesh
    new tape goes ham
  • Avatar for NASAishh
    sippin on sum sizzup
  • Avatar for KDgoHARD
    My nigga
  • Avatar for Bron06
    BUM BUM BUM [4]
  • Avatar for StreZoO
    BUM BUM BUM [3]
  • Avatar for ihatethissiteso his verse on Threatz is the best thing I've heard from him
  • Avatar for GreenGiantYum
    BUM BUM BUM [2]
  • Avatar for GreenGiantYum
    florida nigga mentality i beat the pussy babality
  • Avatar for Bron06
    shit aint scrobbling smh..
  • Avatar for luppa666swag
    dope uh
  • Avatar for Emzet_
  • Avatar for machine_elves
    i can't believe he actually sampled the X-Files theme song.. and did it somewhat well
  • Avatar for BeetsAndBears
  • Avatar for b0nfire
  • Avatar for Merkage
  • Avatar for adamdixon
    xxl is fuckin raw
  • Avatar for DinosaurSr69
    waste gash
  • Avatar for Simmyyyy
    who's this fucking imitator of me? what a wasteman
  • Avatar for baseddog
    captain planet is a spaceghostpurrp song


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