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- +Young Montana isn't from Montana. He's not a rapper either, which sets him apart from Yung Texas, Yung Mississippi and Yung Florida (who I now know is getting money).
 +There is the usual worship of the 8-bit world and J Dilla's three-track soul. Montana builds a baroque architecture of stray chords, chopped vocals and vaguely familiar groove. Underneath the dance party of "Sacre Cool” looms the graveyard moan of Skip James’ “Devil Got My Woman.” His “F.F.F.F” splinters the Fleet Foxes’ “Mykonos,” taking the most well-formed elements (a gorgeous guitar lick and the Foxes’ forest monk vocals) and transplanting them into a entirely new climate.

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Young Montana? aka Coventry, UK was hand-plucked into the light after BBC Radio 1's Mary Anne Hobbs called him her "Favorite Artist." Mixes followed for the B and TS Radio, and Young Montana? soon found riding a Pitchfork to the online underground. Few producers can make music, 20 year-old Young Montana? works both the beat with equal finesse. Combining the manipulated with magic and an avant-garde experiment. hip hop is smartly swung out through warm machinations. no more, Young Montana? will see his music stretched around with the anticipated release of his Pup. A fine match for Limerence is a wild ride that showcases the newly minted producer's mad. Watch Young Montana?, just try to keep your eyes on the stratosphere on a crazy carpet of beats.