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  • Avatar for fuck_that_fuck
    new album is great
  • Avatar for NurseSeppuku
    Still Life is massive
  • Avatar for digifuk
    Leakaleakaleakaleakaleakaleakaleakaleakaleakaleakaleakaleakaleaka it's time brothers and sisters
  • Avatar for mushroomsseason
    can i eat your songs?
  • Avatar for isitbeer30yet
  • Avatar for NeonWasabi
  • Avatar for Adyry
    !hipster alert below!
  • Avatar for xxxFrogPrince
    wow, the new album sounds so generic. i don't like that female vocals, they made them sound typical. melt was such a masterpiece, too bad they've evolved from tribal, wild sounds into this.
  • Avatar for Adyry
    sounds like polica!!!
  • Avatar for kvae
    The fact that an album like Melt exists...
  • Avatar for albertrose
    awesome album
  • Avatar for Knifymoloko
    Happy to hear new Young Magic material. The female adds another element to the new record.
  • Avatar for autumn-fall
    I hear the voice of Justin Timberlake, sometimes hahahaha
  • Avatar for srbin_1389
    альбом слушается, но совсем другого ожидал.
  • Avatar for Salyutin
    brilliant new album
  • Avatar for majo334
    whoa. Breathing Statues is really good. gonna check more of them. this band has a sound i have never heard before.
  • Avatar for Knifymoloko
    Even if I weren't so high indeed.
  • Avatar for DrugsJunkie
  • Avatar for pedrohenriquebj
  • Avatar for wosseh
    "Melt" album art makes me cry! [2]
  • Avatar for adatar1
    does anybody know where i can find lyrics to 'slip time' ?
  • Avatar for isaacashe
    A free compilation album featuring these guys is free to download here - Did I mention it's free?
  • Avatar for menanggung
    "Melt" album art makes me cry!
  • Avatar for nebul4
    spacy tribal eargasms
  • Avatar for LionsToTame
    Isaac Emmanuel is hot as hell.
  • Avatar for mlewis1114
    These guys Rock!!!
  • Avatar for Danial_vedadi
  • Avatar for mghae (2nd on The best album covers of 2012)
  • Avatar for oneyearmydear
    you with air is massive [3]
  • Avatar for Cornl_W
    you with air is massive [2]
  • Avatar for Gabriel_Fa
  • Avatar for arsikiller
    you with air is massive
  • Avatar for pablofreire
  • Avatar for comicguy5
  • Avatar for anreww
    need more
  • Avatar for i_am_yates
    Feel kinda bad I discovered them through Purity Ring, but these guys are dope.
  • Avatar for Knifymoloko
    I'd say my favorite discovery this year. Spacy tribal eargams.
  • Avatar for Satsuki-Kun
  • Avatar for c0rdell
    they're on the purity ring album
  • Avatar for jazzydior
    i hate to say this but thank you purity ring for putting me on!
  • Avatar for yourefunny
    wow they would be so much more amazing if their songs had less crackly noises in them
  • Avatar for riippumato
    must have listened them from youtube earlier as it sounds so familiar but they are not yet in my library..
  • Avatar for pondrafi
    Rubber Watch..
  • Avatar for Nommles For those who were wondering who did the album cover.
  • Avatar for cloudblood84
    even if you weren't so high
  • Avatar for Condemned069
    A short album, and it still dragged. Didn't do much for me.
  • Avatar for Aesthete24
    who made that album cover? it's fucking beautiful
  • Avatar for zeppoleon
    good stuff
  • Avatar for kippy93
    When Melt is good, it's really fucking good ("Sparkly", "You With Air", "Night In The Ocean"). The rest is merely a pleasant, unobtrusive haze. Good shit
  • Avatar for Mattermatics
    I'd love to read the lyrics of "You With Air" I barely can tell a few lines of the song and it blows my brains.


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