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  • Avatar for mdharris27
    He is gorgeous!!
  • Avatar for Satori-chan
    Awesome show in Kazan. Thank you!
  • Avatar for GloomHall
    6/8 Dream woWOWoWOowOWw
  • Avatar for Shon_Tare
    Performance in Minsk was awesome! Thank you a lot! ...And come back =)
  • Avatar for Solar_Smile
    Обожаю! Adore! This dude has talent [3]
  • Avatar for katrin_leto
    adore adore!
  • Avatar for TameLynx
    we're still dancing anyway in Saint-P:) It was unforgettable!
  • Avatar for yaxartes_river
    The sweetest Saturday night in Ekaterinburg, thank you <3 Great musician and human being.
  • Avatar for Lana_Sunrise
    ekb <3 you
  • Avatar for The_Fame
    Thank you so much for tonight show in Moscow! you're awesome! <З
  • Avatar for GoodGirl_Li
    спасибо за Екатеринбург, мужик
  • Avatar for KevinGondim
    "Such a beautiful face, such a beautiful boy".
  • Avatar for anna-jam
    seriously i'd get married to his music. it's so pure & divine
  • Avatar for anna-jam
    so beautiful music. I can feel it deep in my soul...
  • Avatar for Katy_Fierce
    This dude has talent [2]
  • Avatar for isitbeer30yet
    This dude has talent
  • Avatar for isitbeer30yet
    I know I'm never gonna get to sleep...
  • Avatar for abfdrumz
    Just discovered him last night, and very glad I did. Mad talent.
  • Avatar for NatLyra
    Вчерашний концерт в Москве был просто шикарным! Спасибо всем, кто был! Это было круто!
  • Avatar for Star_in_dark
    The concert in Saint P. was great. Beautiful Lie in live version is just awesome.
  • Avatar for TaTeVer
    Yes, new album!Blood Vine! Sign of life is a great track!Well done,Yoav!
  • Avatar for Danial_vedadi
    you reales a new album ?
  • Avatar for rhinestoneeyes-
    дайте ссыль на альбом
  • Avatar for tricky_addicted
    новый альбом? ар ю факин кидин ми??
  • Avatar for Cursed_by_dream
    Shiver №7,Know more,Everything is are my favorite songs now)
  • Avatar for Cursed_by_dream
    "Blood Vine" is easy listening and beautiful album Greate!
  • Avatar for vitaminoid
    "Blood Vine" is beautiful, thank you for it so much! Hope to see you in Moscow soon :)
  • Avatar for DashaMazur
  • Avatar for AkadoDesu
    Новый альбом как-то не пошел, кроме одной песни с названием "Sign of Life".
  • Avatar for etiopczyk
    is it a truth that Yoav released a new lp on December ??? i got this news from Yoavs FBprofile
  • Avatar for Just-Acid
    а вообще, интересно, еврей, выросший в Африке, живет в Англии и покоряет СНГ.
  • Avatar for Just-Acid
    опять одни русскоязычные в рупоре)) Russians, get the fuck out of my internets :D
  • Avatar for AkadoDesu
    Ну а больше всех люблю его я! :)
  • Avatar for orangesoul28
    amazing music!!!
  • Avatar for JohnHSmith
    new song at :- ) Enjoy it!
  • Avatar for Cat_007
    в Украине его больше любят))
  • Avatar for Rub4uk
    досить добре, моїй бабусі подобається)
  • Avatar for vestalka27
    В Белорашке, я смотрю, у всех особая к нему любовь :)
  • Avatar for brs3rkr
    ремикс на Club Thing шикареy < и в беларашке :3 >
  • Avatar for AreYouKillingMe
    Йоав покорил СССР
  • Avatar for tuhde
    и в беларашке) [2]
  • Avatar for nightglow
    I don´t understand the Russian language but i like also Yoav :oD Great first Album and i hope a new one will come out soon.
  • Avatar for Feejee
    ...и в Украине :)
  • Avatar for Tiobaldo
    и в беларашке)
  • Avatar for FALLENDE2
    BellamyUA Да потому что его любят только в рашке по ходу.
  • Avatar for Shav2008
  • Avatar for evgesha98
  • Avatar for BellamyUA
    Качественно, со вкусом. А почему большинство постов в рупоре на русском?
  • Avatar for Katerina_Red
    пожалуй, скачаю его альбом)
  • Avatar for Umren


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