• Hey Ma! Looked what I learned on my Yo-Yo!

    21 Jan 2006, 04:31 by LukeWSanty

    I just got back from seeing Yo-Yo Ma with the Albany Symphony Orchestra. Shall I tell you about it? Okay, if you insist...

    The first piece was a world premiere and was very beautiful. However, it did not feature Yo-Yo Ma, and therefore is of no use to me.

    The second piece was Brahms' Double Concerto in A Minor with Yo-Yo on cello and Colin Jacobsen on violin. I was unfamiliar with this piece but the first movement just blew me away. Yo-Yo is such a presence onstage, very casual, like he knows he's the shit. This made for a very interesting atmosphere. The orchestra was extremely tense and nervous to be playing with such an icon, but Yo-Yo was as cool as could be. This is good until his casual style began to take up too much space. There were a couple violin/cello interplays that were lost in the borders of Ma's vibrato.

    The last piece was Beethoven's Triple Concerto in C Major with Yo-Yo, Joel Fan on piano and Jonathan Gandelsman on violin. …
  • A - Z

    13 Jan 2006, 17:24 by glennifer26

    A Anggun- she sings softly, beautifully, and in french.
    B The Beatles - because there's absolutely nothing better. They might as well be writing the word of God.
    C Cat Stevens - One of my favorite male vocalists and a fabulous poet.
    D David Bowie or David Byrne they're both some funky funky dudes.
    E En Vouge - When R&B was still good in the 90s. One of my first CDs ever.
    F Fantomas - because Patton is God and what an amazing live show.
    G Gorillaz - because nothing's better than animated monkeys rapping. nothing.
    H Hanson - no matter what any of you say, they're making new albums with real rock & roll. I adore them. They make pop / rock music with no apologies.
    I Indigo Girls - when I'm feeling like a folky feminist dyke it's always good tunes.
    J Jackson 5 - Pop music at it's absolute best.
    K Kaada & Patton - french experiemental metal. NICE.
    L Lovage - because it's Patton and there's someone havng sex in every song.
  • Yo-Yo Ma

    27 Dec 2005, 08:43 by Canal4_Tv

    Yo-Yo Ma es uno de los mejores violonchelistas de Japón.
    Su interpretación de piezas musicales clásicas con auténtica delicadeza es un placer para los sentidos.

    Cabe destacar su brillante ejecución de piezas de nuevo tango de Astor Piazzolla.
    La conjunción de violonchelo y bandoneon en simbiosis dotan al sonido de una singular belleza que despiertan los sentidos.