• The Smiths - There is a Light (etc) Covered...

    13 May 2007, 23:14 by obiwanjp

    Schneider TM has the best one I've heard ever, and I was reading today that there are dozens more.
    And here is what I think about them:

    The cover by "The Magic Numbers" really annoys me. I hate it, but, I like it. Too fast. Too happy.

    Neil Finn and Friends gives us a nice comfortable version, pretty well devoid of inspiration or anything new. Not bad, but if I just wanted to hear the song, I'll listen to The Smiths.

    The Schneider TM version is really really depressing. I mean, the original makes you want to kill yourself, but this one has you looking around the house for razor blades...

    Joseph Arthur gives us a nice slow one, with a bit of soul in his voice. He sounds a bit like he really believes the words. We'll miss him when he's gone. Then, a minute and a half in, the song lights up with musical support that really makes it, then the music fades out, we all cry, and then it comes back. I like this one!

    The cover by Erlend Øye is a nice dance version, if you like the dance. …