• Surprise, surprise

    11 Sep 2007, 10:51 by sirjelind

    Mon 10 Sep – Yo La Tengo

    I knew the band as a master of lyrical songs which I have selected for the download into my computer. Of course, this was "my" Yo La Tengo which I had "made" for myself and admired time by time.

    Tears Are in Your Eyes

    The concert in the Botanique suprised me as the "real" Yo La Tengo was on the scene, full of energy and physical expressions. And the surprise: this Yo La Tengo was not less convicing than my beloved lyrical one.

    I apprciated the experience!
  • •|CRY BABY|•

    24 Mar 2007, 14:08 by nananaina

  • jersey jews forever

    26 Nov 2005, 16:07 by Laupa

    If I knew how to use those little heart avatars or whatever they're called, I would put a heart next to that title, as I bet anyone who has been lucky enough to cross the path of Yo La Tengo in this endless magical mystery journey that seems to be record-listening would.

    In the days of my alternative blossoming (ah, the youth), anticipating what would be one of (if not *the*) worse bitte-my-tongue-how-could-i-be-such- a-retarded-dork dark episode of my life, I was stupid enough to let them fall into the my-new-order-fan-boyfriend-loves-it-therefore-
    it-must-be-crap" death-trap, which let me tell you, is not an easy one to escape from. Endless dj sets with You Can Have It All overplay wouldn't do it. Their entire discography on sale for $10 a piece (including Genius+Love=Yo La Tengo) wouldn't do it. One of the most weird and exquisite live performances I have witnessed (YLT in rio?!) wouldn't do it. For years, the snotty little snob inside of me found solace and escape in this unexplained animosity…
  • "there is somethin' about this song..."

    3 Nov 2005, 08:21 by arthurorton

    Tears Are in Your Eyes

    just listen to it... it's beautiful

    as well as

    Deeper Into Movies

    and most importantly: