• Favorite Songs 003: Yes

    24 Oct 2008, 04:18 by DukesTravels

    I actually haven't listened to a lot of Yes lately, though I think they're slowly making their way back into my listening rotation. So in honor of that, it's time to run down my current favorites. Once again, I'm limiting the list to studio albums.

    Practically every album has a different lineup, but I find most of the band's total output enjoyable, and I've even got a few potentially controversial preferences of my own. ;-) All will be explained below! Remember, these are but my opinions, and you might not agree with them.

    Yes (1969)
    Despite having been a Yes fan for quite a while (as long as one can be when in their late 20s like myself), I still am not overly familiar with this one. Looking Around and Everyday are my top picks.

    Time and a Word (1970)
    Again, not as familiar with this one as most of their subsequent material. That said, Astral Traveller is a standout, and Time and a Word is also good.

    The Yes Album (1971)
  • Frank and Elsewhere - Stuff I'm Listening To During This Time Period.

    7 Jan 2007, 08:21 by Tempus-Fugit

    Just a few things on here, not very much today. More later.

    Frank Zappa
    Starting from the beginning of FZ's career, we get Freak Out! - this album is filled with lots of great stuff, e.g. Trouble Every Day, probably the best known of the songs on the album. It's also notable for being the first ever concept album. Yes, you heard me. The Beatles just made the first POPULAR concept album.

    Other good songs in Zappa's canon are Lonesome Cowboy Burt, Dumb All Over, and... far too many more to list here. Just pick an album and listen. Have I Offended Someone? is the best Zappa compilation, as far as I can tell, if you need a good start. If you want to jump right into albums, don't pass up Hot Rats. You won't regret getting it, I assure you.

    By now, everyone knows Roundabout and Owner of a Lonely Heart, but tbere are innumerable other songs in the Yes canon oft forgotten (though not by the hardcore) for the heavy-airplay stuff; I, myself, have been listening to Mind Drive off of Keystudio, myself. …