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I've Seen All Good People (7:20)


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  • "'Cause it's time, it's time in time with your time/And its news is captured for the queen to use/'Cause it's time, it's time in time with your time/And its news is captured" These four lines -- that is, the vocals and the music being played by the instrumentalists -- are, for me, among the most perfect several seconds in Pop/Rock music. It's absolutely beautiful and even before I had any understanding of what the lyrics were all about (it does always seem to take a while to decipher the bulk of Jon Anderson's lyrics) it moved me in a way that very little music does or ever has.
  • Listening this track = Instant smile and happiness to start the day
  • You sank my King!
  • one of the best band and their music still uptodate !
  • checkmate!
  • Best song about a game of chess ever. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Don't surround yourself with yourself. [5]
  • Big Yes fan in High School. Then I graduated...
  • Don't surround yourself with yourself. [4]
  • sooo, It's encourage
  • That are musicians who have put their creativity to the highest level of skill. In their works, immediately becomes clear what such a high performing arts is. Expression and inimitable style distinguish them. Those who versed in music can distinguish them from hundreds of other musicians.
  • If this doesn't make you wanna go all hippy-dippy then I don't know what will.
  • Used to crank this one up from the forests of Cook Co. to the fields of DeKalb Co. in our mobile party vessels.
  • I actually have sung this song to my daughter at bedtime for a few years. She also likes the Beatles' "Blackbird" and a few other great songs. My prayer is that she'll always be drawn to real music and not this meaningless crap that gets played on commercial radio.
  • your move...
  • This song is made of everything that is good in the world.
  • This is Groovy
  • Its captured for the queens to use..
  • Don't surround yourself with yourself. [3]
  • Clássico.
  • Yes is a masterpiece
  • all the songs from "The Yes album" are masterpieces[2]
  • Don't surround yourself with yourself. [2]
  • all the songs from "The Yes album" are masterpieces
  • Don't surround yourself with yourself.
  • Yes. Is. Awesome.
  • dont surround yourself with yourself, move on back two squares
  • This sounds like it's from the Live from the House Of Blues album
  • Always enchanting..
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sEEi4T6sSI
  • this song meant the world to the person i loved most, it brought him out his mind loss for 8 months years back...now he's gone again so whoever listens to this song please send out good vibes for him...his name is brian.
  • Not the same band without Jon :(
  • great song, great band! [2]
  • Encantadora!!
  • This song is quite Satisfying indeed!
  • maybe i'm into some drama haze ... but i think i'm gonna listen to this and feel the same emotion untill the day I die.
  • great!
  • The root of my Yes love. Beautiful.
  • This song always makes me smile :-D
  • Seen a few that aren't so good as well...
  • Yes!
  • love it.. never get old man
  • good to hear
  • saw them on the" going for the one" tour and the" tormato" tour-one of those(or maybe both) they played on a 360 degree revolving stage in the middle of the arena-had pictures at one time-great show
  • great song, great band!
  • hell...yes. HURR
  • Und wieder singt Jon Anderson Klasse!!!
  • great song


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