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    21 Apr 2010, 22:33 by subitamente

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    8 Oct 2008, 23:30 by erinoherin

    List the first song you heard, the one that made you fall in love and your current favourite of your top 10 artists.

    1. Minus the Bear
    First Song Heard: Pony Up!
    First Fell in Love With: Pony Up!
    Current Favorite: Daytrotter version of Throwin' Shapes

    2. Death Cab for Cutie
    First Song Heard: Not sure, but my first album was Plans.
    First Fell in Love With: Marching Bands Of Manhatten
    Current Favorite: Tie between Scientist Studies and What Sarah Said

    3. Pinback
    First Song Heard: I'm honestly not sure, might've been Fortress?
    First Fell In Love With: Penelope
    Current Favorite: Concrete Seconds

    4. Regina Spektor
    First Song Heard: Fidelity, probably
    First Fell In Love With: Samson
    Current Favorite: Buildings

    5. Sharks Keep Moving
    First Song Heard: Not too sure, I think it was Tied to the Tracks
    First Fell In Love With: Jet's Jets
    Current Favorite: Intimations of a Moment

    6. Motion City Soundtrack
    First Song Heard: Everything Is Alright
    First Fell In Love With: Either L.G. FUAD or Hold Me Down
  • 2007 / Top 51+ / Reviews

    26 Dec 2007, 17:46 by Vader13

    This took forever to be finished. I was never really pleased with the list and quite possibly I won't be with this one tomorrow ;P
    Don't complain about language problems.
    But please comment, this took a lot of time to be done.

    Anyways, start the show

    Best EP:
    Anime Fire
    Where The Wolves Fear To Tread
    Stumbled over them by coincidence, but loved them right away. Can't wait for an album.

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force
    Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters Colon The Soundtrack

    Soundtracks never show up in my lists, but this needs to be mentioned. Most of the songs lyrics refer to the show or the movie, witch makes it even more funnier; f.e. Cut You Up With A Linoleum Knife:
    "Don't talk, watch!
    Don't talk, watch!
    You came here. Watch it.
    Don't like it? Walk out.
    We still have all your ****ing money.

    Do not nudge, kick or jiggle the seat in front of you.
    I'm sitting there!
    I am everywhere at once
    and I will cut you up.

  • Yellowcard - Dear Bobbie

    6 Dec 2007, 18:00 by gh0st125


    Yellowcard - Dear Bobbie

    Dear Bobbie,
    Do you remember when you were young and very pretty? I do,
    I remember pleated skirts, black and white sattle shoes.
    do you remember dancing half the night? I do, I still think
    of you when we dance, although we cant jitterbug as we did then.

    Do you remember when
    How long has it been
    You opened my blue eyes
    To see a whole new life
    Do you remember when
    I told you this that night,
    That if you're by my side
    When everyday begins
    I'll fall for you again
    I made a promise when
    I told you this that night

    I'll be fine
    When I die, then I die loving you
    It's alright, I'll be fine
    When I die then I die loving you
    Loving you, loving you

    Do you remember the times we would give up on each other
    then get back together? then we finally was married in 1949. We drove the yellow convertible on our honeymoon.
    Do you remember? I do.

    Life has led us here
    Together all these years

    This house that we have made
    Holds twenty-thousand days
  • 28000

    5 Dec 2007, 10:03 by jhimbob

    My 28,000th track was Dear Bobbie by Yellowcard

    I was bored out of my mind at home playing Diablo II on the back computer when I listened to this.
  • 66666

    8 Aug 2007, 16:44 by Mupp

    hell yes! :) thats alot of plays.. ^^

    well, i can say im happy with the song i got for this one, was actually playing some radom playlist with some random songs.

    Yellowcard - Dear Bobbie! :)

    this is like the sweetest song ever, and its so damn good it doesnt get lame either! next best track off their new album Paper Walls wich i did NOT download :P i actually waited til it came out, waited a bit more and then it just popped out of my mailbox one day, awesome really ^^ this is something i havent done before actually, i tend to download the music and then if i like it i might support the band by buying an album or two later on. :P

    oh, i ran a test, which i found through the Stats group, which checks how much your top 50 albums cost if you'd buy them on Amazon.. it hit 600$ and a few albums weren't found :P thats alot! and thats just the top 50.. *wonders how many albums he's got*... got 3400 songs, and an album's got, what, 12-16-ish on it.. lets go with 14. thats almost 250 CDs :P i wish i had them all ^^