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  • domi_mcrmy

    Whenever I hear this album something screams "California". [3]

    September 2013
  • flysince92

    Happy 10 years to an amazing album.

    March 2013
  • StarryLa

    Whenever I hear this album something screams "California". [2]

    January 2013
  • badgurlk

    like the band like few songs thats all im saying :)

    December 2012
  • Gibzster

    Whenever I hear this album something screams "California".

    November 2012
  • Hope_FF13

    still their best album and always will be <3 [2]

    September 2012
  • horiiz0ns

    still their best album and always will be <3

    August 2012
  • houston_calls

    This album brings me back to high school.... [2]

    August 2012
  • lacippo

    it never gets old

    July 2012
  • SayonaraKansas

    This is good shit, don't even try to deny it LFM.

    June 2012
  • X-Cite

    omg so many fellow nostalgics :)

    January 2012
  • Hope_FF13

    in one word: epic [2]

    January 2012
  • OhEmma

    Oldie but goodie ;)

    November 2011
  • FooVines

    dont like much from the album, but the songs i like, are one of my overall favourites

    October 2011
  • Beatnik24

    Want to hate this, but memories.....

    July 2011
  • donutdan

    i love the album cover, girls in polos <3

    June 2011
  • username-blank

    Good songs, just don't like the composition of the whole album

    June 2011
  • nowherelplans

    Good record, shit album cover

    May 2011
  • Ipsascientia

    classic pop punk

    April 2011
  • KhomaniacRob

    this is great, i think the only song on here i don't like that much is the title track. might've heard it too much.

    March 2011
  • ExLoNe

    This soo great album :)

    January 2011
  • goodwin100889

    One of all-time best pop-punk albums

    January 2011
  • dhijesus

    amo tudo nesse album as musicas o card tudo.

    December 2010
  • deh_k

    i love the cover art, it's great.

    November 2010
  • DreamYOaS


    November 2010
  • tastethemagic

    so much nostalgia.

    October 2010
  • santacruzin

    oh yeah. and awesome album. :]

    June 2010
  • santacruzin

    too bad the label doesn't fix this page :[

    June 2010
  • ShroomieB

    this album makes me feel nostalgic c':

    May 2010
  • fartyuio

    in one word: epic

    February 2010
  • electrifried

    This album brings me back to high school....

    January 2010
  • Penstro

    This has the worst god-damn album art I've ever seen.

    January 2010
  • elsteeler

    way away and believe are the best songs.

    November 2009

    ahhhh i still love this album!

    October 2009
  • lucasnear

    memories memories memories memories memories memories memories memories memories memories

    August 2009
  • raysfan81

    Amazing! I wish they would come out with a new album soon and end the hiatus.........

    March 2009
  • iviway

    Maybe we'll forget, I hope we don't forget. ;;

    March 2009
  • LimJorino

    Such a fucking solid band. They added some innovation to the pop-punk genre by adding violin, and I'd say they were arguably one of the first somewhat "emo" bands to reach mainstream popularity. Great songs, amazing melodies, awesome guitar/violin harmonies, and AMAZING drums. They don't make pop-punk music like this anymore kids. I mean, what's out there now, fucking All Time Low and The Maine? Pssh...

    February 2009
  • skalaso

    this used to be my favorite cd back in the day. :)

    February 2009
  • papya13

    this is a solid, gold album.

    February 2009
  • drumaboy70

    great album, and one of the better ones of the past few years

    November 2008
  • PrinceValorum

    I love it. I heard this album first, and have been disappointed with Paper Walls and Lights and Sounds since.

    November 2008
  • Standingonair66

    one of my first albums...heh

    September 2008
  • julioforus

    yeah.. It's really their best album

    August 2008
  • GDAboy

    Their best album,in my opinion

    June 2008
  • ALe_Av

    good memories with this album

    June 2008
  • jiding

    Soooo good, summer in a can....or CD, whatever... :P

    May 2008
  • candeecandee

    this is a nice album to come back to from time to time.

    April 2008
  • IronBullet

    is it just me or are all the good songs on the first half of the album?

    March 2008
  • aceofheartz

    One Year, Six Months is the best. Why is it so low..? >_<

    March 2008