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  • "Ball Of Flames: The Ballad Of Slick Rick E. Bobby" is nice!
  • Талантлив. Помню, когда в первый раз услышал American You и Radio, наслушаться не мог.
  • Please sign this petition to bring the old back:
  • American You. ¯\_(^__^)_/¯
  • Из топ 10 - единственный бодрый трек - Marijuana, и тот на девятой позиции. Вся суть слушателей.
  • vanMokhov, Бредишь
  • Самый переоценённый артист года
  • #dawajnakemp
  • Love Story is a masterpiece
  • pop the trunk !!!!
  • Love Story>>>Trunk Muzik 0-60 >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Radioactive
  • This is a type of artist that is only appreciated for those who know what melodic music and RAP are. First, u gotta distinguish one from another. Then u must know pioneer artists from the style he used to mix up with rap (Johnny cash, for example). Finally, u must know what rap is and understand that this is originality and creativity. This guy is a fuckin genius!
  • He's awesome. His music isn't featureless and he has distinctive voice, that's why I like his music a lot.
  • Что все в нем нашли? Dirty south ???)))
  • Увы,Йела,судя по всему,не станет очень известным даже после лав стори и трека с эминемом
  • Tennessee Love <3
  • pretty dope, needs a bit more rapping though.
  • awesome album
  • Yelawolf – Johnny Cash <3
  • Trunk Muzik 0-60>>>>>Love Story >>>>> Radioactive
  • Love Story >>>>> Radioactive
  • Best Friends --- really good song/beat.
  • Interesting album. Cant say it is the greatest, but he deserved kudos for doing something different. [2] I think Trunk Muzik Returns is the best.
  • New album has really really good songs. Great mixture between rap, country-rap and alternative-country.
  • Interesting album. Cant say it is the greatest, but he deserved kudos for doing something different.
  • Great album! Płyta roku! [11]
  • Love Story is not an album for someone who's looking for a new dope rap album. But I can't help it, I think Love Story is an great album. The mix of singing and rapping is great and it's a interesting concept to mix two diffrent styles with each other.
  • New album is amazing. Great work.
  • awful would be a compliment for his new album. damn.
  • Great album! Płyta roku! [10]
  • Ojacież pierdziele co za album <3 #zapętlony !
  • Best friend <3
  • Чуваку лучше не рэповать, а кантри петь.
  • Great album! Płyta roku! [9]
  • Great album! Płyta roku! [8]
  • screw To Pimp a Butterfly, Love story is my favorite album in years besides Tetsou and Youth
  • Trudno się nie zgodzić. Płyta roku! [7]
  • Great album! Płyta roku! [6]
  • Great album! Płyta roku![5]
  • thought this guy had potential til i heard this new joint and it's all wack ballads smfh
  • Album is downright incredible, really amazed by the quality of it, might be my favorite this year so far.
  • Surprised how great this new abum is. He's really stepped his game up since the last one.
  • Płyta roku! [4] Rozjebane, nara
  • Płyta roku! [3]
  • Płyta roku! [2]
  • Great country, great hip-hop, great Yela.
  • Płyta roku !
  • Till I see you again? And nothing ever did feel so real. But this time, my time, my mind is gone
  • Love story - amazing album
  • Great album [3]


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