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  • Avatar for Achetr3s
    So good!
  • Avatar for what_happened
    love me girl :(
  • Avatar for LSYAshley
  • Avatar for The_assis
    OMG <333
  • Avatar for Devildom
    Very sexy & catchy track.
  • Avatar for old1young1
    unusual,like a lot
  • Avatar for Kronetong
    Nothing is wrong; what are you scared of?
  • Avatar for fatcatmusic
    Brilliant. Pop genius.
  • Avatar for natcait
    Amazing! And highly addictive.
  • Avatar for GaryB123
    someone rap or mash this shit up! the beat is perfect
  • Avatar for wotagobshite
    Love this!
  • Avatar for gmarr
    I think it's about fucking a pregnant girl.
  • Avatar for thisisall1word
    Like Timberlake & Depeche Mode having a fun day out at the zoo after too many red bulls
  • Avatar for k_nata
    so I guess Justin Timberlake isn't the only one who's bringing sexy back.
  • Avatar for yessmiths
  • Avatar for ialves
    Nothing is wrong, what are you scared of
  • Avatar for XMagicanX
    this beat is siiiick
  • Avatar for Beatnik24
    Daft Punk would be the baby's Godfather.
  • Avatar for Beatnik24
    This is what *NSync would sound like if *NySync made cool music. (Basically Animal Collective and *Nysync's homosexual indie-art love-child)
  • Avatar for maciekplaza
    she's hasitating.
  • Avatar for upliftingnews
    what is she covering up? what is she lying about?
  • Avatar for rights_reserved
  • Avatar for musiikkionelo
    wowowowo epic
  • Avatar for fakewords
  • Avatar for katiekatieyay
    HOLY!!!! Wow. WOW. WOW.
  • Avatar for pollepet
  • Avatar for bern4dette
    stay up in bed with me.
  • Avatar for jensnystrom
    Is the bird-sound a sample from Age of Empires?
  • Avatar for beablossom it !
  • Avatar for Wendums
    Um, let's hope they don't travel this way. Not a good move for a great band.
  • Avatar for der_nico
    to me the beginning sounds like blank & jones - nightfly (short cut)
  • Avatar for if-then-else
    The "uhhuh" parts remind me a bit of My Bloody Valentine.
  • Avatar for Stolen_Baby
    loved that justin timberlake vocal style
  • Avatar for headhall
  • Avatar for transcendently
    utterly irresistable
  • Avatar for Adam1988innit
    I also thought of Hot Chip when first hearing this
  • Avatar for HighRatingMusic
    'Odd Blood' - the new album - rated at 90%
  • Avatar for shoebox54th
    love the loon
  • Avatar for sersch123
    love it
  • Avatar for viewtoakill
    Reminded me of Duranduran, which is good.
  • Avatar for pongtoo
    Somehow reminds me of Bamboo Houses by David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto.
  • Avatar for AlanLaidlaw
    what he said. This is sheer brilliance, totally shattering all boundaries to advance their artform.
  • Avatar for Riana_dzasta
    wish i could love this twice!
  • Avatar for Sateloista
    reminds me of of montreal.
  • Avatar for jjuckel
    i hear old rave, and hot chip. it's brilliant. that voice!
  • Avatar for HeavensChimney
  • Avatar for meelijane
    cannot. stop. listening. to it.
  • Avatar for violent_purple
  • Avatar for ihelix
    I think I heard a loon in there...reminds me of Canada.
  • Avatar for Sylvestrian
    This song is positively loony. ;-)


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