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Folk Hero Shtick (6:07)

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Turn it up ringmaster your final lullaby
Let's see how your genius is fully realised
The emperor standing naked how much longer can he fake it
All night repeat it ten times we've, we've got it

Yeasayer - Folk Hero Shtick Lyrics


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  • The best part of this song is when you're listening to it through headphones and the WOMP bit around 1.08 makes you feel like your ears have just popped going through a tunnel.
  • @thehatchet777 - probably something to do with the title..
  • how the hell is this folk in any way? why would anyone ever tag it as that -__-
  • cool
  • Unbelievably amazing.
  • :) loving it
  • It's like a mashup between a Tool and a Beatles song, awesome!
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  • Call me crazy, but parts of the intro remind me of Tool.
  • love it

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