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  • Off456

    save me from this album please!

    last month
  • Funky-Shit-

    album cover reminds me "how to basic" youtube channel [2] xD

    March 2014
  • pancakejacek

    One of my all-time favourite albums

    February 2014
  • lylah_moussa

    I wish I liked this album better

    December 2013
  • tuppolevsky

    album cover reminds me "how to basic" youtube channel

    December 2013
  • klippshaw

    one of the best albums i've ever heard

    October 2013
  • andrey_ka

    послабее двух предыдущих, но тоже хороший )

    August 2013
  • vivisects

    *album art UP CLOSE, that it

    June 2013
  • vivisects

    I hadn't seen the album art until now. I'd always thought she was holding a flower in her hand, not crushing an egg o.o;

    June 2013
  • DrJoker7

    heads will roll on the floor!

    May 2013
  • GagaZaynLover

    my shit [3]

    April 2013
  • Rascott03

    My SHIT!!!

    April 2013
  • Harry_01

    It's got some nice songs, but overall it's my least favourite album by them.

    March 2013
  • HectorTB

    Let's get wild

    August 2012
  • ShadowolfIncubi

    Whoa, took me awhile to finally listen to this album, amazing

    July 2012
  • AndressaBS

    Skeletons ♥

    July 2012
  • EricValeev

    Hysteric <3

    July 2012
  • melodramer

    I love it SO BAD ! <3

    June 2012
  • MegandJack

    Loving it.

    June 2012
  • maatslima


    June 2012
  • CadaWacca

    zero, heads will roll, dull life and dragon queen are all fantastic tracks. Best of their career really. But everything else is awful

    May 2012
  • Yellow_day_

    very good

    April 2012
  • fancyumbrella

    This album is fancy.

    January 2012
  • innerspeaker

    Why did it take me so long to check this album out. It's really good. And Karen's vocals are fantastic.

    October 2011
  • bzo13

    like this ... karen o is fantastic........

    October 2011
  • MarcPandaBear

    fantastic production.

    August 2011
  • Neon_Spadezzz

    I like this album. My favorites are 'Dull Life,' 'Dragon Queen,' 'Heads Will Roll,' and 'Runaway' in that order. 'Soft Shock' and 'Skeletons' are also good. However, 'Hysteric' makes me feel a little drained of emotions, but it is good. 'Shame and Fortune' was a nice track but no more than that. I thought that 'Zero' wasn't a really good opening song, though. 'Little Shadow' wasn't my favorite song by them. It is a little average coming from them. That is only my opinion though. I liked this album a lot. Nice work.

    August 2011
  • MKOHLER2008

    Whenever I try to listen to this album I end up putting Skeletons on repeat and ignoring the following songs. :(

    July 2011
  • Ryanc55

    If sex was condensed into the form of an album. Yeah.

    May 2011
  • dinamiteg

    amo essa capa.

    May 2011
  • compulsiveboy

    Dragon queen - the best! hell yes!

    April 2011
  • Por_amour

    runaway is simply adorable to me

    April 2011
  • CCSandman

    This album actually got me to like them; didn't think much up until this, now I appreciate all their work.

    April 2011
  • NickyNacker

    i really didn't like this album when it first came out but i love it now. every song is good.

    April 2011
  • super_swag12

    maps was my shit for the longest!

    March 2011
  • Empty_Skies

    Always a great way to spend [insert duration of album time (because I'm too lazy to scroll up and check for myself) here].

    March 2011
  • AmandaRae_52

    I Love how this band is ever developing so many great songs thank you!!

    February 2011
  • wi-lll

    @ adaam2: it's Karen's hand actually

    January 2011
  • jcpdiesel21

    Love this album. The energy is non stop and infectious.

    January 2011
  • Larintha

    @adaam2- Yes :D

    January 2011
  • zhangye

    I love the acoustic version much better than the original

    January 2011
  • BackNDaDay90

    One of my favorite albums!

    January 2011
  • adaam2

    Does anyone else find it incredibly hard to put their fingers into the exact position of the album cover? Weird hand.

    December 2010
  • Slimceagirl

    me hearts this.. <3 <3

    December 2010
  • bolderaslove

    I friggin' love this album. It's a testament to how good the band is they can switch from their guitar-punk to this electro dance/rock and pretty much wipe the floor with any other contenders/pretenders (like The Killers? Terrible band...)

    November 2010
  • MissAnnThrope_


    November 2010
  • Ma-Falda

    Un album alucinante!!!

    October 2010
  • digifuk

    new verdict. best album of 2009.

    October 2010
  • digifuk

    I think it's a fantastic album. I love all their work I've heard so far, and this is a display of pure brilliance.

    October 2010
  • shineandown

    I love this song, ir's amazing. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, CONGRATULATIONS!

    October 2010