18 Jul 2011, 08:50 by iconan

    Il krautrock (anche detto Kosmische Musik o corrieri cosmici) è un termine coniato dalla stampa e dalla critica angloamericana in riferimento alla scena musicale costituita dai vari gruppi attivi nella Germania degli anni settanta. Questi gruppi hanno prodotto in varia misura forme musicali nuove a partire dal rock progressivo o dalla musica elettronica, anche nei decenni precedenti. Il termine fu utilizzato per la prima volta in senso denigratorio sulle pagine del settimanale inglese Melody Maker.

    Intorno alla metà degli anni '60, a Monaco di Baviera si era formata una libera comune hippies, dove le persone vivevano in totale libertà, organizzavano continuamente degli happening musicali, ed erano impegnati fortemente a livello politico, qui si è formato il collettivo musicale chiamato Amon Düül. Questo fu il krautrock: una sfida tesa al raggiungimento dell'autonomia culturale…
  • My guilty love of prog.

    13 Oct 2008, 11:41 by flashbleu

    Yeah - prog. Difficult one, really. I grew up in the era just after punk when prog was supposed to be EVIL. It was written about like it was the reign of Voldemort or something. Of course,you never heard any, but you knew what it sounded like because the NME told you about it: horrible musos in crap clothes playing keyboard solos that went on for 15 years whilst the drummer kept changing the beat just to prove he could. Chilling. Then I heard some.
    Okay, so some prog deserves the criticism of too much emphasis on "technical proficiency" and long boring solos. I am not defending that stuff. "Technical proficiency" is bollocks; inspiration is everything and the prog era threw up loads of brilliantly inspired stuff. I confess I don't like ELP or "classic era" Yes, but a whole broad musical era shouldn't be written off just for a couple of lousy bands. Anyhow, here's my personal list of favourite prog albums. Feel free to comment. …
  • Feed Your Head! #03

    20 Mar 2008, 19:28 by ZSRR

    FeedYourHead! #03

    Your Brain is hungry, time to feed him (HER!) with some new music.

    Shit and Shine
    Your parents are afraid of this band. Hell, YOU are afraid of this band. Two bassists, five to twelve drummers and sometimes extremely simple electronics devices or children's keyboards. Add a wall of amplifiers and imagine that bunch of freaks play the very same rhythm and riff for 2-3 hours without almost no changes at all. It is not a band, it's a state of mind. They are deadly serious and not serious at all at the same time. They tend to get drunk before live performances and end playing whenever they the hell they want. They will crack your skull open and shit their psychedelic-noise-indusrial-stoner-doom-headfuck plasma in. And you will be grateful for that.

    I discovered this artist maybe a month ago. And I was hooked. …
  • CDr n° 78

    3 May 2006, 09:18 by Eaten_Oedipus

    AFX - Analord 02 (Rephlex)
    Digitonal - The Centre Cannot Hold EP (Seed Records)
    Emtidi - Saat (Pilz)
    Encre (Clapping Music)
    Guru Guru - UFO (Ohr)
    The Congos - The Heart of The Congos (Black Art)
    Hrvatski - Insect Digestion Melancholy EP (Rephlex)
    Lazy Fat People - Big City EP (Border Community)
    Marvin Gaye - Here, My Dear (Motown)
    Sleeparchive - Radio Transmission EP (Sleeparchive)
    The Stooges (Elektra)
    Todd Terje - Eurodans EP (Full Pupp)
    Yatha Sidhra - A Meditation Mass (Brain Records)