• Raflektuje na Refleksje

    23 May 2008, 01:16 by mizumizumi

    Don't give up
    You still have us
    Don't give up
    We don't need much of anything
    Don't give up
    'Cause somewhere there's a place
    Where we belong
    Don't Give Up

    Airports, railroad stations, highways, streets and foggy lines
    Traffic, lights, cars and planes, boats, bicycles and walkers

    Now I'm wondering, blind, in the city
    I'm surrounded by towers made of dirty snow
    La Rupture

    Who is the master? Who is the slave?

    Teach me mummy
    How to grow
    How to catch someone’s fancy
    Underneath the twisted oak grove
    Grow Grow Grom

    I do believe it's true
    That there are roads left in both of our shoes
    But if the silence takes you
    Then I hope it takes me too
    So, brown eyes, I hold you near
    'Cause you're the only song I want to hear
    A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere
    Soul Meets Body

    The first taste
    Let it begin, heaven cannot wait forever
    Start the chase, I'll let you win
    But you must make the endeavor
    The First Taste