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うれしくって抱きあうよ ("Ureshikutte Dakiau yo"; We Hold Each Other Happily)

うれしくって抱きあうよ ("Ureshikutte Dakiau yo") is the fifth original album released by YUKI. It was released on March 3rd, 2010. The music on the album spans several genres, ranging from electronic, to regular band, to big band jazz. The four singles that are included on the album were released over the course of nearly 2 years, and include 2008's 汽車に乗って ("Kisha ni Notte"), 2009's ランデヴー ("Rendezvous") and COSMIC BOX , and 2010's eponymous うれしくって抱きあうよ ("Ureshikutte Dakiau yo"). The album reached #1 on the Oricon charts in it's first week, selling 102,679 copies. This is YUKI's fourth consecutive album to reach #1.
CD Tracklist:

1. 朝が来る (Asa ga Kuru; Morning Is Coming)
2. プレゼント (Present)
4. ランデヴー (Rendezvous)
5. just life! all right!
6. チャイニーズガール (Chinese Girl)
7. 恋愛模様 (Ren'ai Moyou; Love Pattern)
8. さようなら、おかえり (Sayonara, Okaeri; Farewell, Welcome Home)
9. うれしくって抱きあうよ (Ureshiikutte Dakiau yo; We Hold Each Other Happily)
10. ミス・イエスタデイ (Miss Yesterday)
11. 汽車に乗って (Kisha ni Notte; Riding the Train)
12. 同じ手 (Onaji Te; The Same Hand)
13. 夜が来る (Yoru ga Kuru; Night Is Coming)

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