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  • HE20

    Blown away.

    December 2014
  • HayleighRayment

    Mystic Meg

    July 2014
  • zkl2wwa

    Who is this song about?

    June 2014
  • bloody72

    pozdrowienia z Gierałtowic

    May 2014
  • BlackBullet

    Amazing song. I remember when they kicked off one of their setlists at Roadburn 2012 with this song. It got all the heads banging straight away from the first chord struck.

    November 2013
  • mefurgly

    oh my god.

    September 2013
  • Bitoffinger

    Yob is love. That's all he wrote and all she needs to ever write.

    January 2013
  • FORD92

    delay on this track is fucking sick.

    January 2013
  • davwaldron

    I was at this gig (Roadburn, festival) it was absolutely amazing live. Yob played 2 sets that year and both were amazing.

    September 2012
  • SFRocker

    Oh damn! That was fcukin sweeeeeet!!!

    September 2012
  • Steel_Erection

    No, people, this is "Quantum Mystic" from The Unreal Never Lived, which he whispers at the beginning. One of my favorite YOB tracks. "Ball of Molten Lead" is more sludgy than this one.

    May 2012
  • imfeudal

    Normally I find pinch harmonics to be really gimmicky, but they sound so good on this track.

    April 2012
  • MFKange


    March 2012
  • jonaschrist

    Yeah, that Roadburn CD has an incorrect tracklisting. It's Ball of Molten Lead.

    November 2011
  • JohnusMaximus

    This is from Roadburn 2010.

    November 2011
  • JoeyPerrotta1

    isnt this Ball of molten lead? [2]

    October 2011
  • bryanttf91

    isnt this Ball of molten lead?

    October 2011
  • Eman SCSA

    Everytime I listen to the solo I go nuts... Totally nuts.

    October 2011
  • VinnieIcius

    i'm on 4 minutes and i'm already loving it.

    September 2011
  • shroomer1999

    real nice, jammmmmin

    September 2011
  • astralbaby

    stumbled across these guys already love this shit

    September 2011
  • CowTownPunk

    First listener. I just soiled my mind.

    September 2011
  • johnkelly1138

    I love this with all my black heart

    September 2011
  • JoeyPerrotta1

    "We're gonna play four songs, over one hour". That's YOB for ya :P

    August 2011
  • john_dillenger

    This sounds amazing over a loud PA! :D

    August 2011
  • m0ph0


    July 2011
  • HameloH

    vocals reminds the early mustaine singing...

    June 2011
  • john_dillenger

    this is a phenomenal track by an incredible band!! Now only if they would come and play in Belfast ;)

    June 2011
  • shroomer1999

    really good YOB

    April 2011
  • Eman SCSA

    The... SOLO!

    March 2011
  • cyruseli

    Anyone know why some sites have totally different lyrics for this song than other sites? It's easy to tell which one is real, but I want to know where the other lyrics came from because they kick ass. The alternate lyrics: Regardless of all of that though, this song fucking rocks, and should be twice as long

    March 2011
  • thejackyl

    GODLY. it does not feel like it's 11 minutes long.

    June 2010
  • kilari


    April 2010
  • Kimpaz


    June 2009
  • Weden

    Fucking groovy

    May 2009
  • SothO

    love his voice on this

    April 2009
  • maneatingmonstr


    March 2009
  • moeteiru

    This song is so metal that mercury started leaking from my speakers when it was playing.

    February 2008
  • Ergophobic

    Heaviest fucking song ever!

    March 2007