• finally, the fucking top 40 of 2011. .

    14 Jan 2012, 03:09 by KMFCM

    the best rekkids of 2011
    2001 fucking blew ass. While many mellowed out, I felt more and more like DESTROYING EVERYTHING. . .and my choices this year reflect that. It was a disappointing year in many many many ways. . . .but musically, we made out okay I think (even with the sheer amount of disappointing music there was from unexpected sources).

    This took really fucking long, because my computer kept taking a shit. . . .so. . . . I'm just posting it now so I can get to the new years releases. .. not that I've heard any of them yet.

    40. Ringo Deathstarr - Colour Trip
    bloody valentines, mary chains and 80s Al B Sure break beats (no, seriously, listen to the last track). . .it's all here.

    39. Ulcerate - Destroyers of All
    the "i see what you did there" album of the year. It's not the kind of thing I ever thought I'd hear, and it's kind of still sinking in even now.

    38. Elitist - Fear in a Handful of Dust
    Season of Mist had a pretty high profile release this year…
  • and so, here is, the best of the worst year ever (in KMFCM's eyes anyway)(edited)

    22 Dec 2009, 20:24 by KMFCM

    And bad years make for awesome music. Unfortunately, bad years also mean I’m barely in the mood to listen to anything not abrasive like ever. There’s no hip hop top 5 this year, for one thing. I heard a Papoose mix tape, Raekwon, Cage(and well . . .not top 5 material) and. . . . Cage. Everything just gets integrated into the top 40 this time around. Really, fucking awful year. . . .for damn near everyone. I’m gonna add a top 10 shows this year, because the only good things that happened this year were shows.
    The late bloomers got to see The Jesus Lizard and Dinosaur Jr. and Built to Spill hit the stage. . . .and yeah, the only band that was actually broken up was the Jesus Lizard.
    Granted, this year you had a few colossal disappointments, due to the continuing mainstream-ization of all we hold dear. That won’t last too long though. When does Headbangers Ball come on now? 4:30 in the morning for a half hour? Lemme guess…
  • Apocolyptic Youth - "Santa's Got Our Back" CDr limited to 50 OUT NOW!!!

    26 Nov 2008, 18:01 by logbut

    writing html on this site sucks. heres the cover:

    17 studio tracks and 2 full live sets totaling at 30 new tracks and 58 minutes of offensive improvisational blur/noise/psychedelic grindcore that's hugely influenced by pro-wrestling. Think Flipper meets early Anal Cunt and you've just scratched the surface.

    Limited to 50 hand numbered and decorated CDrs, housed in mini DVD boxes. 7 lucky mailorders (at random) will get a full DVD box with a bonus disc of mystery and extra goodies.

    $6 USD post paid in the US, $8 USD international.

    message me for my paypal address or home address to send me cash or MO.

    Bands/Labels/Distros: Trades welcome.

    now to spread this shit, style!

    Apocolyptic YouthWolverine CarcassJ. Briglia, L. Butler, D. Schoonmaker, J. WilliamsAnal Cuntseven minutes of nausea7 Minutes of NauseaSlothMinchAgathoclesGodstomperExcruciating TerrorAxemRangersFuck

    5 Aug 2008, 22:57 by surgeofevan

    This is some pretty exciting news, for me at least.

    I am putting together a limited edition CDr of about 30 copies that showcases noise/power electronics/harsh noise/drone/anything noisy.

    I want to get as many artists as I can on this, and sell them for pretty cheap.

    This means that none of us would be making money, but simply getting our noise heard.

    Tracks can be OLD, NEW, or UNRELEASED, and I'd like them to be between 4 seconds and 2 minutes 30 seconds seconds.

    If you, or anyone around is interested, please email me at:

    ANY support would be awesome!

    *note: No remixes of others work unless you have their consent.
    Also, this is a NOISE comp., not a SEX comp. Please, no sex noises.
    I dont care what your project is called, what the name of your song is, but keep the noises out. Don't bother sending a track if you don't feel like playing by my few, SIMPLE guidelines for this. Stop being dicks.

  • my little findings. 14.06.2008.

    14 Jun 2008, 08:19 by xShedx

    Hello, dear journal ;)
    Today i'll tell you not long, but i hope interesting story about my journey in internet and some nice findings that i've got :)

    1) Stray from the Path - "People Over Profit" (2002), "Audio Prozac" (2003) & "Villains" (2008).

    First time when i saw the name of this band long time ago, but due to some strange reasons i didn't pay attention to them and didn't download. But few days ago i found them on poster of some tour in US with such a great bands like American Me and Iwrestledabearonce (i guess, i remember right :)). So after it i decided to get these guys. I've got only 3 albums of 4, 'cause i didn't find anywhere link to 2005 album, or it's 2006, doesn't matter. Anyway, these guys rock! They play crazy mix of chaotic hardcore, maybe technical metalcore, some jazz influences, even sometimes funk, and sometimes they remind me Converge, don't know why, actually these bands aren't similar at all. …
  • Insulting My 50 [revised 5/9/08]

    6 May 2008, 00:00 by surgeofevan


    Merzbow: Okay, seriously. When was the last time you played an East coast show? I'm surprised you haven't come out with 15 releases for 2008 already.

    Boris: Why were you on the front cover of Terrorizor this month? I can't believe you.

    Torche: Where did your "bomb-drop" tuning go on your new cd, jerks? Yeah, the last song has it, BUT In Return will probably be your most catchy song ever, so stop trying to beat it with rock and roll music. I doubt you could ever live up to In Return again.

    Insect Warfare: Why did you break up? You're stupid, and your effects pedals went for far too much money on ebay, nice last attempt at getting some fast cash. OH, and that noisegrind 7" you came out with, you suck for not releasing even ONE copy over on the East Coast.

    Suffering bastard: Make some more songs already. And come down here, stop playing in Boston.

    Hatred Surge: I'll be impressed with you when you play a show entirely by yourself like you record your music.
  • finally. . . . .my 2007 list. . . . .oi. . .

    21 Jan 2008, 03:46 by KMFCM

    the top 20 of 2007
    . . .2007. . . .shitty years make for good tunes.. .
    this ones got a lot to live up to. .. lets see how we did. . .

    1. Antigama - resonance
    I got into this band last year. They're one of my favorite new bands right now.
    They would've been on the 2006 top 20, had they come out with anything that year.
    Zeroland came out in '05. I hadn't heard them yet.
    They were pretty busy this year. a full length and 3 splits (one of which I found out about AS I WAS TYPING THIS!)
    But Resonance. . . .ho.. .ly. . .shit.
    This band go about as far as you can possibly go and still be playing grindcore. The drummer always impressed me, but it seems he recently came into some new equipment. Rack toms all over the place. . .think "opus nocturne" era Marduk. Somehow, they remind me of Cali=Gari. . . .but I'll be damned if I could tell you why. People are already calling them "the second coming of grindcore" and other lofty terms like that. I don't know, but I'll tell you this. …
  • a fucking CYBERGRIND POST!!!

    6 Nov 2007, 01:41 by KMFCM

    that's right

    it's no secret by now, since homeboy uploaded my profile pic as the Kindergarten Hazing Ritual profile pic that I am KHR

    but well

    this is a post about cybergrind/e-grind/etc./?!!?!? that I listen to and think is THEE SHIT!!!

    Some of this shit is probably "not grind". . but. . well. . I cant' be bothered. . . .I at least didn't include the "cybergrind" bands that are actually just deathcore with a drum machine. (if Bring Me the Horizon is in your "similar artists". .you are suspect)

    . .and I'm not gonna list anyone I've done a split with either. . . .so there. .

    Old Lady Drivers - one of, if not THEE, first cybergrind bands. Featured James Plotkin (Khanate, Phantomsmasher, etc.). Had a split with Assuck that I think had thier best material on it. I didn't find out about them until my other bands(Hollywood Streetwalker) drummer Andy played them for me. …