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Saturday 30 January 2010
Marlo Eggplant. Xrin Arms, Seagrass Diov & Dental Work
Marlo Eggplant, Xrin Arms, Dental Work, Seagrass DiovConcert
Basement 414
Lansing, MI, United States
42.760776 -84.592625

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Saturday 1 May 2010
Athens Experimental Music Festival
Fascist Insect, Xrin Arms, Nyodene D, Andrew Kirschner, Shapeless Shadow, John Revolta, 24 hours the girl, Vivi C. DiemFestival
The Union
Athens OH, United States
39.327614 -82.102095

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Sunday 4 July 2010
4th of JULY!
Vaginals, Upsilon Acrux, Xrin Arms, Trashcan FiresConcert
The Treehouse
San Diego, CA, San Diego, United States
32.893146 -117.149517

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Sunday 11 July 2010
The Plexus/Dark Tree Productions Present Xrin Arms w/ Sakura Pups and Project Fear...
Sakura Pups, Xrin Arms, Project Fear BombConcert
The Plexus
Tucson, United States

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Saturday 7 August 2010
Xrin Arms, Hot Mess, Prana Storm, Gabriel Muse, Rain Symbols
Xrin Arms, Hot Mess, Rain Symbols, Prana Storm, Gabriel MuseConcert
The Present Moment Cafe
St. Augustine, FL, United States

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Thursday 26 August 2010
CancelledXrin Arms, Speak Onion, Bubblegum Octopus at Goodbye Blue Monday
Speak Onion, Bubblegum Octopus, Xrin ArmsConcert
Goodbye Blue Monday
Brooklyn, New York NY, United States
42.34417 -75.17083

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Sunday 29 August 2010
CancelledXrin Arms and Bubblegum Octopus
Bubblegum Octopus, Xrin Arms, Rat KingConcert
The Asteroid M House
Roxbury, MA, United States

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Sunday 12 September 2010
Extreme Experimental Electronics Fest
Bubblegum Octopus, Xrin Arms, Kessenchu, WatabouConcert
Mac's Bar
Lansing MI, United States
42.733166 -84.513555

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