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Χωρίς Περιδέραιο (Xoris Perideraio, or Xwris Perideraio) is a greek minimal synth band..
New Wave aesthetics,subversively but also mysteries lyrics,frantic rythm,erotic arrogance,unusual but also residences compositions.This was the Xoris Perideraio.A group ghost that was presented,it shone and was lost as firework leaving behind him songs big value heritage,delivering to us one still musical antidote..
Xoris Perideraio presented in 1983 and even today all searches the meaning of verses and the more general climate of their lyrics.
They circulate one single and the legendary album Xoros Gia Mousiki..Two decades afterwards this disk can be characterized as a lost diamond scattered in 350 pieces…Disk that is hard to find, that caused and causes paranoia even today while his fame exceeded fast the Greek borders…

Xoris Perideraio :
Nikos Aggelis (synthesizer,vocals,lyrics)
Kostas Kolias (synthesizer,bass synthesizer,rythm box)
Pantelis Petronikolos (guitar)


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