• Mixtape Vol. V - First Wave Northern Ireland Punk

    18 Mar 2009, 17:34 by SI_Failed


    “I think it’s really interesting, The Clash sings about civil war, and these kids were living it...” – Nathalian (Associate of Fucked Up) Talking about the Starjets from Belfast.

    “First Wave Northern Ireland Punk” – I’m not quite sure of any specifics or dates but the earliest year in this comp is 1975 and the latest is 1985. Many of these songs and artists are fairly obscure and totally underrated, others are just so-so (I culled some really dodgy ones like The Faders, Cramp, The Idiots, Terri & the Terrors (which features Bono, and I hate U2). When comparing F.W.N.I.P. to the bands and scenes in London, New York, LA, etc – Northern Ireland was just as active as they were. Sure there was only one decent punk label (Good Vibrations in Derry) but the bands that came out of that first wave scene proved that they were just as good, if not better (even bands from Dublin involved themselves with the Northern scene. …