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Xanax is in a class of drugs called benzodiazepines. Used for short-term relief of mild to moderate of anxiety and nervous tension.
There are at more groups using the name Xanax:

2) Xanax is a band formed in Belgrade, Serbia, in 2008. Band members are Sana Garic (singer, lyrics author), Vladimir Krakov (guitar), Nino Filipovic (bass guitar), Dejan Milojevic (drumms) and Milos Ognjanovic (dj set & electronics). Xanax is a merge of alternative guitar sound with electronics and elements of postpunk and trip hop.
Xanax je beogradski bend osnovan krajem 2008, čiji osnivač je pevačica i tekstopisac Sana Garić. Pored nje članovi grupe su gitarista Vladimir Krakov, basista Ninoslav Filipović, bubnjar Dejan Milojević. Aprila 2010 bendu pristupaju novi članovi - saksofonista Borko Borac i čelista Nebojša Mrđenović. Xanax je spoj alternativnog gitarskog zvuka sa elektronikom i elementima hardcore punka, postrocka i trip hopa.
Članovi Xanaxa su takođe bivši i/ili sadašnji članovi bendova Presing, Eyesburn, Dža ili bu, i mnogih drugih.

1) Band from Poland consists of: Sambor Kostrzewa (vocals) and Abandon All Hope (producer)

Sambor born in Tychy, southern Poland. He began his musican's career in kindergarten astonishing his carers with inspiring performances of English songs (anyway, he hoped it might have been something else than just a gibberish). When he was six he found The Beatles 'Help!' tape somewhere and loved it. Then he found another record, and another and… he discovered britpop.
When in high school, bands like Blur, Radiohead and Oasis motivated him to play the guitar and write his own songs. He played with a few band but they have all split up sooner or later. By that time he really got into jazz and electronic music and abandoned britpop. Since then he has played with a variety of people but it never sounded right. He studies Economics in Katowice. His main inspirations at the moment (although it might not be heard directly in the music) are Erik Truffaz, John Scofield and Keith Jarrett.

Abandon All Hope born in a small town in southern Poland as Sebastian Kutarba. His father was a musician playing in a big beat band and transferred his passion for music to his son. Since he was a kid, fascinated by electronic music of Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Yello etc. Started producing music when got the first computer in 1990. Since then always up to the latest sound.
The first demo recorded in 2000 reviewed in Polish magazine about techno music "Techno Party" got very good opinion. Two tracks from the second demo was issued in Polish radiostation "Radiostacja" specialised in non-commerce music. One of them won the radio's weekly contest "Pepsi-Faza" in 2001. 2002 resulted in second place in polishwide festival of electronic music in Bydgoszcz. In 2004 3rd place taken in a remix contest of "Supersonic" tune of Machineries of Heaven and a contract signed with a British label strictly-digital.com owned by Nookie, a DJ and a producer (well known for his record In@thedeepend released by Good Looking Records).

3) Metal-rock band from Czech republic

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