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  • Avatar for uxoxo
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  • Avatar for mrholley
    If I could merge these plays with 'the xx' they'd be my top played...
  • Avatar for tiikkal
    Ainda essa merda. Af
  • Avatar for niinaz44e
    angels sz
  • Avatar for tiikkal
    oh, fuck
  • Avatar for pellitero
    Don't do that please, there are several artists named 'XX' . You'll have to 'suggest a correction' on each of the individual track pages where the correct artist is 'the xx'. Thanks.
  • Avatar for bgod
    Use "Suggest a correction" on each of the individual track pages. With enough votes, will auto-correct them from "XX" to "the xx".
  • Avatar for mirauntagada
    que mierda ! ! !
  • Avatar for thaynalmeida
  • Avatar for cocoTASTICtm
    spotify fail [2]
  • Avatar for BitterFusion
    spotify fail
  • Avatar for Bayou16
    spotify sux with the tags!
  • Avatar for captain-jazz
    I think everyone suggesting a merge with The XX doesn't know about the vastly superior German no-wave outfit. Fuck you guys and your shitty wannabe post-punk NME-core bands.
  • Avatar for imhirion
    how i read the name of the band? "the exes" or "twenty"? or "ExEX".... anyway, music sounds great!
  • Avatar for agilsen14
    Intro is a good start.. XX yeah XX
  • Avatar for Kartoffelpue
    uuuh THE xx xD
  • Avatar for no-love-lost
    Disaster! Please suggest a correction to "The xx" with the function over there --> [3]
  • Avatar for truculenttyler
    what a fuck?
  • Avatar for kargeoftylenol
    EVERYONE PLEASE CLICK "FLAG THIS" AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE AND CHOOSE "CHANGE TO "THE XX"". Sorry for the CAPS, but if we get enough to do this it'll merge with "The XX".
  • Avatar for P_Machado
    THE xx!
  • Avatar for paniconmyradio
  • Avatar for AbsintheSky
    *use correct artist name!* what a fuck?
  • Avatar for bgod
    Damn you Napster subscription streaming service, fix your tags!
  • Avatar for truculenttyler
    yeah, totally sick of seeing this tag everywhere.
  • Avatar for the_ryecatcher
    OMFG I ALMOST THOUGHT this is the right XX. Oh well.
  • Avatar for LikeBricks
    Please suggest a correction to "The xx" with the function over there --> [2] Pleeeeeease
  • Avatar for tundrasummer
  • Avatar for tomcat1982777
    woooha... worst scrobble disaster so far!
  • Avatar for YANNYS
    excelente banda
  • Avatar for araujof
    beautiful songs
  • Avatar for truculenttyler
  • Avatar for akrygiel
    which "XX" is heart skipped a beat?
  • Avatar for Noerestusoyyo
    guau , que cierta la etiqueta : easy listening ... son muy buenos (:
  • Avatar for FreddieTheChimp
    there is a band called "xx" and a band called "the xx" sadly both of their albums are being scrobbled under both names
  • Avatar for bexestabueno
    they rock.
  • Avatar for onitorment
    Hey, join the group!
  • Avatar for PlatschderFisch
    New (Indie) Hype
  • Avatar for Reptilaa
    THE xx [2]. :|
  • Avatar for JonoSmart
    Napster tags them as "xx" rather than "The xx" - is there any way of amending this for Last.Fm?
  • Avatar for amablito
    not so great.
  • Avatar for Sic_Maetze_siC
  • Avatar for Wildcattin
    Like it!
  • Avatar for JakerK
    yep, should be the. wither way, absolutely mindblowing, though really slow.
  • Avatar for SpacePen
    this is really really good
  • Avatar for mightyscoopa
    aren't they called "the xx" (the british band i mean)
  • Avatar for RuffGem
    This is really good, love your music
  • Avatar for buzzshit
    why japan? band from Great britain

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