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The Big Express

The Big Express



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  • there's something unsettling about this album. it's good but sounds kinda [creepy] compared to the other albums.
  • Funny how the critics panned this album; all XTC albums have their quirks. This one's up there with their best..
  • InMyShoes: fuck are you talking about with XTC giving up rock? I myself like this album, but I have to recognise it's below Skylarking in the grand scheme of things. Also, there wasn't a drummer here. Drum machines all the way far as I remember...
  • I love this album. "Seagulls Screaming" pried open my ears to a whole new way of designing songs. Like opening a giant box of crayons for Christmas when all you've had up until then was a handful of dirty broken ones. It made me realize that music is in fact architecture. And that you can dance to it.
  • This is indeed a superb. The last real rock-album by XTC. I have this as vinyl album - and it somehow irritates me, that the record companies are adding new tunes to the albums when releasing the CD's - because that's not how the band designed the album! Blue Overall was the single B-side to Wake Up (really brilliant track anyway), Wash Away was the B-side of All of You Pretty Girls and Red Brick Dream was on the B-side of the 12" version - none of them were on the album. Byt the way... the Wake Up single came in a special cover with ten greeting-cards from capitals all over the world - all of them with the same picture of a bombed city. The cards were attached to the cover - and when you unfolded them, behind them you found the "Push"-button for the nuclear attack/diasaster. Oh, such a clever band - among the very best. How I miss them. And where did that drummer disappear? Such a hardhitting fellow - he really suited Partridge/Moulding. What a shame they gave up rock...
  • superb
  • F yeah.

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