• Alien Evolution (sci-fi & electronica)

    2 Jun 2007, 00:04 by guthorm

    Troverete l'italiano in coda all'inglese.

    ALIEN EVOLUTION (40 minutes)

    ENGLISH: Why we're talking about a movie here? Well, this due to the connections it has with music and with the independent productions world. Let's start in good order...
    "Alien Evolution" is a 40 minutes long Science Fiction B-Movie (in italian), made by the Tree Go Mee Ro Productions in 2005. This is a weird parodistic story where aliens, a secret governative plot and two agents in the style of X-Files (named Max Folder and Grey Skelly). More than 30 people adding actor/actresses, technicians, cameramen and staff. Between the special effects, aerial takes, the body of an alien and even the take off of an alien ship. The movie got broadcasted for a total of 4 times by a local TV network in July 2005. The soundtrack was scored by The Wimshurst's Machine with a very important theme from this band such as Magic Lights. …